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Ohio State helps fight "superbugs" in South Africa

With antibiotic resistance, or superbugs, on the rise, a program at The Ohio State University is on a mission to train South African pharmacists how to responsibly dispense antibiotics by bringing them across the Atlantic Ocean to Columbus.

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How Ohio State engineering students are bringing clean water to a Tanzanian village

Do you really think much about water? When you're thirsty, is it there? When you need to bathe or wash your clothing, is it there? As Ohio State civil engineering alum Josh Osam-Duodu explains, that is a luxury, but one that clouds our worldview.

Water is so expected here, says Osam-Duodu. You don't think about it. You turn on the faucets, you expect water to flow out, but in other parts of the world, that is not the case. A lot of people have to go through the worst conditions to get water that's not even clean.

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