Meet the 2021-22 Columbus-Athens Schweitzer Fellows

Meet the 2021-22 Columbus-Athens Schweitzer Fellows!

The Schweitzer Fellows Program supports and trains emerging health-focused graduate and professional students in creating and carrying out service projects to address unmet community needs. The Fellows will begin their one-year community service project of at least 200 service hours, with at least 100 hours involving direct client contact, on Sept. 1, 2021. Fellows partner with an existing community agency in the Columbus or Athens area and have both an academic and a community-based mentor.

Photo of Jessica Aduowo and Jenifer Akinduro

Jessica Aduowo and Jenifer Akinduro

The Ohio State University College of Medicine

"Working It Out: Understanding Your Wellness with Your Healthcare Provider" is a health literacy and wellness program created by women of color for women of color. Jessica and Jenifer's program aims to improve health literacy and physical activity among women of color in Columbus, Ohio.

Photo of Jordyn Brown and Taylor Williams

Jordyn Brown and Taylor Williams

The Ohio State University Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Public Health

Jordyn and Taylor aim to provide a comprehensive prenatal education program focused on stress management, implementation of a healthy diet, avoidance of harmful situations and preparation for labor, delivery and postpartum care. Their ultimate goal is to provide pregnant women living in underserved areas in Columbus with a prenatal education program that promotes maintenance of healthy lifestyle choices during and after pregnancy.

Photo of Sameer Chaurasia and Alyssa Kendrick

Sameer Chaurasia and Alyssa Kendrick

Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Sameer and Alyssa aim to improve accessible health literacy education amongst rural families partaking in the Aspire program throughout Athens and Hocking counties. Their ultimate goal is to work towards eliminating health literacy-related barriers and disparities and thereby improve community health.

Photo of Jadelyn Cheng and Riley Evans

Jadelyn Cheng and Riley Evans

The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

Jadelyn and Riley plan to foster relationships with vibrant Columbus communities to deliver accessible blood glucose screenings. They will screen community members for elevated blood glucose levels and provide patient education on diabetes prevention and care. The local charitable organization, Physicians CareConnection, works as this project's community partner, serving as a vital resource for provider follow-up care and assistance.

Photo of Fiona Doherty

Fiona Doherty

The Ohio State University College of Social Work

Fiona's project, Enhancing Social Sustainability of Beginning Farmers, will focus on outreach, education, and advocacy to meet unique mental health and stress management needs of beginning farmers throughout Ohio. Her outreach efforts will include developing or enhancing existing resources with the goal of improving mental health literacy and self-efficacy among farmers.

Photo of Katie Exline

Katie Exline

The Ohio State University College of Optometry

Katie's project seeks to improve vision care in Appalachia through two mechanisms. First, she will provide free vision screenings and eye health education to various Appalachian communities. Second, her project will institute a long-term investment in the region by introducing optometry students to the people, places and clinical opportunities in Appalachia.

Photo of Nancy Hooper and Emily Magas

Nancy Hooper and Emily Magas

The Ohio State University College of Optometry

Nancy and Emily are collaborating with the Ohio State School for the Blind to supplement the wonderful work they are doing to prepare their students for independent life after graduation. We are planning bi-weekly inclusive activities such as cooking, outdoor recreation and a visit day with Pilot Dogs! They believe it is important as Optometry students to assist everyone on the visual spectrum, even those whose vision we cannot correct.

Photo of Lindsey Jackson

Lindsey Jackson

Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Lindsey plans to create visual resources, such as schedules and social stories, to reduce anxiety and increase communication between health practitioners, pediatric patients (specifically patients with developmental disabilities) and parents. Visuals can help alleviate stress by allowing children to anticipate what to expect at their appointments. The intended outcome of Lindsey's project is to help medical spaces become more comfortable and accessible for children with disabilities and their families.

Photo of Nidhi Kanchan

Nidhi Kanchan

The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

Nidhi will implement a Medicaid education, screening and enrollment program for underserved patients at the Saint Vincent De Paul Charitable Pharmacy in Cincinnati, Ohio. She aims to establish an efficient means to track patients' Medicaid eligibility on a monthly basis to promote consistent healthcare access.

Photo of Devan Lander

Devan Lander

The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences

Devan's Better Hearing Community project addresses inequities in hearing healthcare and provides access and education to individuals with hearing loss and healthcare professionals working with these individuals. Through this project, hearing healthcare services will be provided to those who would not traditionally have access to these services.

Photo of Katie Liezert

Katie Liezert

The Ohio State University College of Social Work

Through the collaboration of Sanctuary Night and the Columbus Free Clinic, Katie will work with women in the Columbus Community that are experiencing or vulnerable to human trafficking. Sanctuary Night is currently open once a week to provide warm meals, clothing, hygiene items, and a welcoming space for women caught in the cycles of trafficking in Franklinton, Ohio.

Photo of Abena Minta and Taborah Zaramo

Abena Minta and Taborah Zaramo

The Ohio State University College of Medicine

The advancement of infrastructure within the Columbus community has contributed to gentrification that displaces local individuals and renders them homeless. Abena and Taborah aim to utilize primary prevention education, community engagement and individual empowerment to minimize disparities in healthcare by improving health literacy, providing financial resources and emotional support to local woman and children at the YWCA Homeless shelter.

Photo of Michaela Neild

Michaela Neild

The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences

Michaela will use art and movement in ways that promote health, wellbeing and social value in various communities. Michaela will develop and facilitate The Dancing through Difficulty Project, an online arts program for senior adults which uses movement and other artistic mediums to reflect on, process and heal from difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic and collective traumas of the past year. Her project builds upon research of how art affects physical, emotional, mental and social health at individual and communal levels


Photo of Liz Nickell

Liz Nickell

The Ohio State University College of Optometry

Liz aims to increase vision-related knowledge in school age children, specifically those in underserved areas of Columbus through education and screenings. She will present the Ohio Optometric Associations Realeyes program. By presenting vision health information in a fun and informative way, she aspires to empower children to take care of their eyes at a young age and continue healthy practices throughout their lives.

Photo of Logan Sherman

Logan Sherman

The Ohio State University College of Nursing

Logan aims to design and deliver sexual health and wellness workshops in central Ohio prisons. Workshops will equip people experiencing incarceration with understanding, knowledge, and resources to protect themselves, seek healthcare for testing and treatment and minimize stigma and fear associated with sexually transmitted infections.

Photo of Jesse Vogel

Jesse Vogel

The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

Communities across central Ohio facing housing stability and homelessness, and the local housing landscape is more precarious than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Jesse plans to bring groups of renters together to build community knowledge about the local eviction court system. He will engage with community organizations and grassroots groups, convene know-your-rights conversations, and provide court support for those facing eviction.