STEM Community of Practice

STEM Community of Practice

Inaugural meeting: October 7 at 10 a.m.

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The Office of Outreach and Engagement invites individuals to come together as a community of practice to share resources, ideas, impact, and expertise related to STEM-based outreach and engagement programs, focused on youth, adult, and community participants.

Ohio State has a large and thriving STEM education and engagement community. This is demonstrated by the numerous programs, initiatives, and events offered both on- and off-campus throughout the year.

The overall goal of the community of practice is to provide opportunities for individuals to come together to build collaborations and learn from each other. More specifically, we hope that the community of practice will help: identify opportunities for collaboration across colleges and units, leverage and be responsive to major partnership opportunities, and amplify our collective impact.

Join us on October 7 as we begin this conversation together.

Questions? Contact Assistant Vice Provost Nicole Nieto at

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