Getting Started: Ohio State Units

Units (offices/colleges/departments/centers/institutes) wishing to initiate a sponsorship request in support of an external event are asked to review the following information prior to initiating their request below.


The Ohio State University recognizes its responsibility to support community endeavors that promote the common good, are aligned with the University's mission and goals and with those of its units, are generally relevant across the University, enhance the quality of life in the local community; and increase awareness about Ohio State and its units and benefit their reputation. 

To ensure that such support is coordinated effectively throughout the institution, Ohio State has a centralized process for initiating and processing requests for external event sponsorships.


Units will submit requests for event sponsorships of any amount through the link below not less than 28 days in advance of the sponsorship event and prior to making any commitments. Please note the following procedures that may affect a request.

  • At their discretion, units (offices/colleges/departments/centers/institutes) may support a sponsorship of $10,000 or less, though such sponsorships must still be submitted through the link below.
  • If multiple units participate in a single sponsorship such that the combined total of their support exceeds $10,000, that sponsorship will be assessed by the Sponsorships Committee. The Sponsorship Coordinator will ask those units for such event details as number of tables/seats to be purchased; branding strategy; anticipated impacts of the sponsorship; list of participants; and plans for follow-up to ensure that events are leveraged for the good of Ohio State and our relationships with external stakeholders. Units will receive prompt feed-back once requests have been reviewed.
  • For events with sponsorship equal to or exceeding $20,000, the Conveners will refer their findings to the President's Cabinet for review and approval.


NOTE: Only requestors designated by their unit will be able to initiate an event sponsorship request.
For more information contact University Sponsorships Coordinator Mark McCann at