Outreach and Engagement Workshops

Outreach and Engagement Workshops

The Office of Outreach and Engagement is offering a variety of professional development workshops to help you conduct your community engaged research, teaching and programs. Current offerings focus on engaging diverse communities.

You can request a workshop by contacting Assistant Vice Provost Nicole Nieto at nieto.12@osu.edu.

Social Identity and Implicit Bias: Unpacking Key Concepts and Creating Foundational Knowledge

This session provides a foundational knowledge to participants of key terms and concepts including social identity, bias, stereotypes and privileged and targeted identities. The workshop will begin with an overview of social identities and their inherent systemic power imbalance (e.g. race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ability, etc.). Participants will consider their own identities and how these identities impact them and others. Self-awareness is key in addressing biases that we all inherently possess. Both self-reflection activities and small group discussions will be utilized. Participants will be asked to consider their own biases and begin to understand where these biases come from. This self-awareness is key to community collaboration, particularly with diverse communities.

Engaged and Empowered Collaborations: Creating Authentic Spaces of Inclusive Community Dialogue

When exploring issues of diversity and inclusion in higher education and specifically in public engagement, it is important to consider creating inclusive spaces of dialogue. Based on the intergroup dialogue model, this workshop will explore strategies to enhance authentic and inclusive dialogues among collaborative community partnerships. Particular attention will be paid to understanding concepts of privileged and targeted identities and how this impacts collaborations. This workshop will advocate moving from the cult of the expert model to a model that honors many voices and perspectives. It is through dialogue that diverse perspectives and voices can be heard. Dialogue creates a space for this form of empowered collaboration.

Difference Matters: Valuing Social Identities, Experiences and Perspectives in Community Engagement

This session will use intergroup dialogue methods to explore why valuing difference is important to creating inclusive communities. This moves beyond tolerating to valuing. Through taking the time to understand different social identities, perspectives and experiences we begin to value diversity in a deeper and more meaningful way. Through small group dialogue and self-reflection as well as personal narrative work participants will gain key insight into creating authentic and inclusive community spaces.

A Call to Action: Next Steps to Creating Inclusive Communities

Using the World Cafe model, this session will provide a space for a call to action and next steps. Participants will engage in small group dialogue to examine the most pressing concerns. This information will be harvested and developed into actionable items to move this work forward. It is important that after the participants have completed training session, they work towards answering the question: So now what?. This training will seek to do just that through self-reflection and small group dialogue. This workshop works well for brainstorming sessions.