Full Steam Ahead: Ohio State's STEAM Factory Gets Boost

STEAM FactoryRoman Holowinsky, associate professor, mathematics, and colleagues from across campus who formed the STEAM Factory just a few months ago, are making huge strides in their push to have the Arts and Humanities be an integral part of the existing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) equation at Ohio State. The STEAM Factory’s new Impact Grant from the Office of Outreach and Engagement increases momentum already generated around campus and in the Columbus community.

Converting STEM to STEAM is making a stir around the country. The driving idea is that STEAM collaborations transform and advance discovery and innovation by connecting the innate creative impulse that propels each of these areas forward.

The genesis of STEAM at Ohio State began about two years ago when an assistant professor in computer science and engineering, Mike Bond, brought together a diverse group of new junior faculty for social gatherings and informal conversations. (The meet-up group is called Columbus Junior Faculty.)

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