2015 Engagement Impact Grants

The Office of Outreach and Engagement Impact Grant program supports the application of innovative and creative scholarship to address important societal challenges and fulfills Ohio State’s land-grant university commitment to public service by partnering with communities to address challenges of local, national and global significance.

This year, six programs received Engagement Impact Grant funding totaling nearly $250,000. 

An additional $100,000 was provided to programs through the OSU Cares/OSU Extension Seed Grants and Service-Learning Grants programs. 

OH/LEX: Ohio Land Exchange

The Ohio Land Exchange (OH/LEX) proposes to develop a set of interactive methods to engage communities and individuals in decision-making around vacant land in Ohio. Abandoned buildings and vacant parcels are a common site in many of Ohio's cities and towns. OH/LEX will help communities re-imagine their decision-making processes around vacant land by including a broader group of stakeholders and introducing new ways of deriving value from vacant land. OH/LEX seeks to maximize local government's ability to protect public health and safety by effectively shifting the use of abandoned properties from tax deficiencies into productive lands.

Team Lead: Prof. Kristi Cheramie, Knowlton School of Architecture

OSU Knowlton School of Architecture
OSU College of Public Health
OSU Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering
The STEAM Factory
The City of Lima, OH

Advancing Research Careers in Science (ARCS): A Pilot Program for Doctoral Training through Academic-Industry Partnerships

Advancing Research Careers in Science (ARCS) represents a singular innovation for defining the future of graduate learning and community engagement at Ohio State. Traditional educational programs often seek to minimize risk and conform to tradition. Over time, this has led to little innovation in how graduate students are trained and how Ohio State interacts with local organizations. The ARCS program counters this culture with an adaptive program that promotes career building beyond traditional academic pathways for pre-doctoral students through new learning experiences "beyond campus walls," fosters sustainable industry-academic partnerships that broaden scientific partnerships and directly connects Ohio's companies with the future scientists their companies need, and integrates into the fabric of this university's research community, ultimately serving as a pilot program for a university-wide career enrichment program.

Team Lead: Prof. Kathleen Boris-Lawrie, College of Veterinary Medicine

OSU Life Sciences Network
OSU The Graduate School
OSU College of Veterinary Medicine
OSU Graduate Programs in Arts and Sciences; Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Medicine;
and Pharmacy
OSU James Cancer Hospital
OSU Bioproducts Innovation Center
OSU Industry Liaison Office
OSU Technology Commercialization Office
And Several Business Community Partners

Establishing a Green Home Technology Center: An OSU and Community Partnership for Research, Education, and Demonstration of Green Building Technologies to Support Healthy, Energy Efficient, and Sustainable Housing in Ohio

Reducing energy consumption and the associated environmental impact is a significant challenge we are facing. Green homes, which are energy efficient, healthy, and sustainable, are recognized as an effective solution to these worldwide challenges. New green technologies that reduce home energy consumption and improve indoor environmental quality will provide a tremendous opportunity to reduce financial burdens on households, mitigate climate change, and increase the nation's energy security.

Team Lead: Prof. Lingying Zhao, College of Food Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

OSU College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
OSU Extension
OSU College of Engineering
OSU Knowlton School of Architecture
OSU Office of Energy and Environment
New Albany Plain-Local School District
The USGBC of Central Ohio
Efficiency Smart – American Municipal Power, Inc.
Buckeye Power, Inc.
Ohio Energy Office
Habitat for Humanity MidOhio

smART::ART Integrated Formal and Informal STEAM Education

Engineering is an inherently creative process. In concert with the mission of the Engagement Impact Grant, this proposal seeks to engage underrepresented populations in those creative processes and in so doing, generate a better understanding of the interrelated domains of engineering, science, technology, and visual art. Due to fear and/or lack of exposure to STEM concepts at a young age many creative people shy away from anything STEM-related and self-select the arts. The project will create a pool of students and teachers who think critically about multi-faceted issues, make informed decisions, and solve problems creatively using engineering skills and habits of mind. Ultimately, the partners seek to create scientifically, technologically, and mathematically literate citizens who pursue lifelong learning opportunities within the future STEM workforce.

Team Lead: Prof. Deborah Grzybowski, College of Engineering

OSU College of Engineering
OSU College of Education and Human Ecology
Beta by Design
Hilltonia Middle School
Metro Early College Middle School

Connecting People, Education, Services and Quality of Life: Preparing Service Coordinators to Respond to the Enhanced Needs of an Ever-Increasing Low Income Aging Population

Affordable housing communities are home to some of our country's most vulnerable older adults who are most often in need of health and social services support. Service Coordinators, who are most often located in these communities, have traditionally acted as a resource for referrals to community-based services, guiding older adults with increasing levels of frailty toward needed services to maintain independent living. In recent years, there has been growing recognition of the fragmentation and lack of coordination of health and social services for older adults, with one result being identified strategies in the Affordable Care Act to fund programs that would coordinate care with a more cost effective and person centered-focus.

Team Lead: Prof. Linda Mauger, College of Medicine

OSU College of Medicine
OSU College of Public Health
OSU College of Social Work
OSU Department of Communications
OSU Center for Integrative Health and Wellness
Association of Service Coordinators
Fantine Academic and Career Training Services
Howard University School of Social Work
Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging

Adult Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Integrating TBI Education Into the Curricula, Creating a More Prepared Social Service System

Social Workers are frequently called upon to provide services to clients who have had a TBI, yet information about identifying TBI and accommodating its effects has not been widely integrated into Social Work education. In recent years, the importance of assessing and tailoring services for individuals impacted by TBI has been noted by researchers and practitioners working in fields as diverse as child welfare, veteran's services, criminal justice, mental health, and substance abuse.

As primary providers of social services in these and other settings, it is critically important that Social Workers acquire the skills to assess lifetime history of TBI, understand the long term implications, modify services as needed, and refer clients for additional health care services if warranted. This proposal will develop systematic approach to raise awareness of future professionals attending the OSU College of Social Work as well as other Social Work training programs in Ohio, provide these students with new skills for identification and accommodation of TBI and associated Executive function weaknesses, and develop a plan for replication of this model in the curricula of other health and social service professionals throughout Ohio and across the nation.

Team Lead: Prof. John Corrigan, College of Medicine

OSU College of Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
OSU College of Social Work
Brain Injury Association of Ohio
National Association of Social Workers, Ohio Chapter
BrainLine at WETA
Give an Hour 

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