2005 Outreach and Engagement Seed Grants Projects

       Total Funding for 2005:  $40,408

Oral Health Literacy Pilot Project ($10,000)

Homa Amini, Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Pediatric Dentistry, College of Dentistry; Partners: Paul Casamassimo, Pediatric Dentistry; Columbus Literacy Council, Community Refugee and Immigration Services, Acculturation Program, Somali Senior and Family Services, Columbus Children’s Hospital

The Oral Health Literacy Pilot project provided oral  health education and health literacy to adult immigrants of central Ohio through partnership  with Columbus Literacy Council and many refugee organizations. Through this  project, oral health literacy workshops were presented to 332 students in 12  ESOL, 2 Adult Basic English, and 3 Somali literacy classes. The workshops  offered oral health education and free dental screenings performed by the Ohio State   University dental and  dental hygiene students. Participants identified with dental needs were assisted in  finding affordable dental care programs. This project also developed a health  literacy curriculum for dental students to increase their awareness about this  important issue and educate them about community outreach. The students learned  how to communicate with their patients who are at low literacy levels or do not  speak English. Project staff shared materials and information with College of Nursing students, who used the data  on Somali participants to further their research on oral health literacy in the  Somali population in Columbus  and presented their findings to the Columbus Health Department.

Art in the Service of Science:  Enhancing Science Education  in K-12 Classrooms through Arts Integration ($9,500)

Susan Fisher, Professor, Department of Entomology, College of Biological Sciences; Partners: Vita Berezina-Blackburn and Maria Palazzi, Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design;  Rachel Boggia, Department of Dance; Marcelita Haskins, WOSU Public Media;  ITSCO (Instructional Technology Services of Central Ohio); COSI-Columbus 

The goal of this project was to use the arts (dance, music, poetry, and computer graphics) to illustrate fundamental biological principles for K-12 classrooms to enhance learning and retention in science. Two DVDs were created: TBDBITL Marches the Krebs Cycle, in which members of the OSU Marching Band performed the Krebs Cycle of cellular metabolism, and Football and Photosynthesis, in which members of the OSU football team perform the Z-scheme of photosynthesis while Coach Jim Tressel narrates. Two middle school teachers wrote lesson plans to use along with the DVDs in K-12 classes. The DVDs have been disseminated to K-12 teachers across the state and to attendees at the State Science Fair in Columbus. The DVDs have been posted on three servers (Knowledge Bank, WOSU and OIT) and have been made available to ITSCO, which provides digital teaching material to K-12 teachers in several states.

Impact on Teaching. The teaching of Biology 101 has been greatly facilitated by having the DVDs to illustrate key biological concepts in a manner that is more palatable to nonmajors. The success of using art to explain science has led to the creation of two new sections of Biology 101 lab/recitations. In one section, students illustrate a biological concept of their choosing using art, music, poetry, dance, creative writing or some other artistic medium. In the other section, students use Photoshop, iMovie and iPhoto to create a digital story about some biological idea, controversy, or concept. The latest enhancement of Biology 101 using the arts is a rock opera created in collaboration with a music doctoral student.

Impact on Research. An evaluation specialist was engaged to measure the learning of nonmajor as a result of viewing the DVDs in Biology 101 and improve biology teaching. Information gleaned from testing Biology 101 students and their reactions to the DVDs to further the goals of two emerging teaching paradigms: Universal Design for Learning and 21st Century Literacy.

Impact on Partnerships. A new alliance was forged with COSI by this grant to develop Biology Unbound: Stuff of Life, an informal learning presentation for visitors to COSI. An interactive prototype has been developed and installed at COSI in downtown Columbus. The exhibit is designed to help museum visitors understand the structure of DNA and the process of its formation. It includes a multiuser DNA touch screen workbench and a wall projection that lets users engage their entire body in exploring the concepts. Read more about the concept and technology of the project. Funded by the Battelle Endowment for Technology and Human Affairs, Biology Unbound engages all five senses in teaching biology to informal learners in age-appropriate, interactive events.

Community-Based Service Learning for Dental Students through Collaboration with Head Start and  “Give Kids a Smile! Day” ($8,443.33)

Hilary Soller, Clinical Assistant Professor, Section of Primary Care, College of Medicine and Public Health;    Partners: Canise Bean and Jessie Tudor, College of Dentistry; Polly  Mowrey, Columbus  Dental Society; Columbus Children’s Hospital Pediatric Dental Residency Program; CDC Head Start Program; CDI Head Start Program

This  project provided required dental screenings, oral health education, and  fluoride varnish for 5,000 children, ages 1-5, enrolled in Early Head Start,  Head Start, and Head Start Plus in Columbus  by dental students. It also gave dental students first-hand experience of the oral health  needs of underserved populations and issues surrounding access to dental care.

Risk Assessment Directed Treatment Planning for Chemically Dependent Adolescents ($7,415)

Paul Granello, Associate Professor, College of Education; Partners: Darcy  Haag Granello, Counselor Education, College of Education; Steven Gavazzi, Human Development and  Family Science, College of Human Ecology; Grant Schroeder, Maryhaven 

The  purpose of this project was to form a community partnership between Maryhaven, Franklin County’s largest  addiction treatment provider, and OSU to improve the quality of care that is  provided to adolescents  with addiction disorders. Ohio State faculty trained the counseling staff at  Maryhaven's Adolescent Treatment Program for Substance Abusing/ Mentally Ill  children in assessment and diagnosis of disorders, treatment planning and  counseling interventions, and the use of the Global Risk Assessment Device (GRAD), a computer-driven screening  and assessment tool devised to help identify the severity of the adolescent’s  issues from the perspective of the family and the primary clinician. Maryhaven  staff greatly increased their knowledge of current assessment and intervention  strategies and are now able to compare individual case severity and to access a  database that shows comparison over time. Maryhaven has also developed a best  practices committee to review assessment and intervention strategies for all  patients served, including the youth and families described in this project. The  grant served to establish a strong relationship between the Counselor Education  program and Maryhaven that has resulted in clinical internships and paid  employment for OSU students.

Planners’ Day in School ($2,050)

Maria Manta Conroy, Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning, Knowlton School of Architecture; Partners: City  and Regional Planning Student Association, Ohio Planning Conference, Clintonville  Area Commission 

This seed grant funded a pilot “Planners’ Day in School”  (PDIS) effort. The primary purpose of this project was to engage middle school  students in the world around them through an understanding of city and regional  planning. The project brought 23 graduate students in The Ohio State  University’s City and Regional Planning (CRP) program into sixth-grade social  studies classes at a local middle school to discuss what planning is, what  planners do, and how someone becomes a planner. Additionally, the CRP students  facilitated two map-oriented exercises with the middle school students. The mapping  exercises helped middle school students identify what they liked and disliked  about their community and envision what they would like to see. These exercises  coincided with sixth-grade social studies curricula addressing regional change  and consequences of change, helped build critical thinking, and set the  foundation for a more engaged youth citizenry. Toward the goal of  institutionalizing the Planners’ Day in School process, a lesson plan aligned  with the state level sixth-grade social studies curriculum was created. The  lesson is incorporated into a manual developed by the project to help others  replicate a PDIS program.

The seed grant continues to bear more fruit. A CRP master’s student serves as the PDIS coordinator and makes contacts with area middle schools. In academic year 2007-2008, more than 20 MCRP students have participated in the 2-day programs for 6 social studies classes at Monroe Middle School and  visits to Mifflin Alternative School. 

Planners Day Manual (PDF, 954KB)

2005 Special Outreach and Engagement/Service-Learning Initiative Grant

Rebuilding the Mississippi Gulf Coast ($2,000 O&E, $5,000 SLI)

Jennifer Evans-Cowley, Assistant  Professor, City & Regional Planning, Knowlton School of Architecture

With  this special Outreach & Engagement and Service-Learning grant,  city and regional planning students in a service-learning course  prepared  community plans for rebuilding DeLisle and Saucier in Harrison County, Mississippi,  areas that were devastated by the 2005 hurricanes. 2009 Outreach and Engagement Award finalist.


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