2002 Outreach and Engagement Seed Grants Projects

Total Funding for 2002: $94,951

Building Partnerships with Local Health Departments Program for Excellence in Environmental Health ($15,000)

Deborah Gray, Health Division of Environmental Health Sciences School of Public Policy

This seed grant was used to conduct the first initiative of the School of Public Health’s Program for Excellence in Environmental Health. The program conducted a series of 13 regional workshops designed to build partnerships with local environmental health practitioners and to compile baseline information about the current status of the local governmental environmental health workforce in Ohio. A directory of all local directors of environmental health in Ohio was compiled and distributed via e-mail. The Program for Excellence in Environmental Health seeks to become a focal point for defining and discussing the existing and emerging issues that challenge practitioners of environmental health. This project has enabled the School of Public Health to make contact and begin a dialogue with this community. These newly established relationships will form the basis for long-term partnerships with the local environmental health practice community.

Ohio LEAD Program ($7,040)

Alice Walters Black, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

A partnership was formed between the Ohio Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Program, the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks, and the Hocking, Athens and Perry Community Action Agency/Second Harvest Foodbank of Southeastern Ohio. The Ohio LEAD Program conducted an intensive 3-day study institute that focused on the social issues of poverty, hunger, child poverty, unemployment, and economic development in the poorest counties in Ohio. The institute was delivered in southeastern Ohio to 25 emerging leaders. Evaluations indicated that participants changed their perception of poverty and hunger and became more active in their communities.

Universal Housing Solutions for All Ages and Abilities ($19,323)

Susan Zavotka, Department of Consumer and Textile Sciences, College of Human Ecology. Partners: Human Development and Family Science; Occupational Therapy; OSU Extension; Ohio Department of Aging

Universal Design is a worldwide movement based on the concept that products and environments can be designed to consider the needs of the widest possible array of users. By applying Universal Design techniques, interior features can be designed and existing structures modified to maximize safety and independence for those with physical limitations. This project provided community education about the principles of Universal Design and home modification that would enable senior Ohioans to age in place successfully. The seed grant supplemented Service-Learning and OSU CARES grants that supported community partnerships with Lowe's stores, where Universal Design workshops were offered and a retail marketing strategy that promoted home modification products was implemented. Members of the Extension aging team offered Train the Trainer sessions for family and consumer sciences agents throughout the state. A project website provides training resources for educators: http://ehe.osu.edu/ud/. In 2009, more than 1,500 people attended the Universal Design exhibit at Farm Science Review. Project staff are working with Lowe’s and others to develop a laundry/mud room exhibit for next year. Lowe's and Dave Fox Remodeling, which made significant contributions to this project, received the 2008 Award for Excellence in Community Partnership Building from the Service-Learning Initiative. 2009 outreach and engagement awards nominee

Pest Management Kiosk Garden Center Pilot Project ($3,500)

Jim Jasinski, Department of Horticulture and Crop Science/Entomology, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

Seed funding was used to develop the Gardeners’ Tool Shed—a kiosk with an iMac computer, touch screen, and printer that dispenses research-based information on yard and garden care. The kiosk was tested at a garden center in southwestern Ohio. User surveys indicated that people found it easy to use and added value to their store visit, and they recognized its affiliation with Ohio State and OSU Extension. The pilot test was used to debug and improve the tool for use in other garden centers.

Building Support for Physical Activity ($19,088)

Richard Suminski, School of Physical Activity and Educational Services, College of Education

This seed grant provided preliminary data on community involvement in physical activity. Community members and organizations were involved through a leadership council, focus groups, and community forums that helped gather information on community resources and needs related to fitness. Results of the study were used to obtain a $1.1 million grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Extramural Prevention Research Program that funded Project ComFit, a 3-year project designed to increase long-term physical activity by altering the physical and social environments of the area.

W.O.W. Science Outreach to the State of Ohio and to the Nation ($18,000)

Susan Olesik, Department of Chemistry, College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

WOW is an interactive science education program serving 15 elementary schools in 3 districts in the Columbus, Ohio area. WOW staff and faculty have developed more than 125 hands-on experiments designed to increase both students’ knowledge and interest in science at a young age. Ohio State student volunteers, as well as scientists and parent volunteers, go into the classrooms to help the teachers facilitate experiments that teach basic concepts of the physical and biological sciences, and they provide more individual assistance to the students. The program’s experiments are correlated with state test standards for K-5 science. Schools involved with W.O.W. have seen dramatic improvement in the percentage of students passing the science section of the state proficiency test. The seed grant was used to substantially improve the website as well as to expand the offerings within Columbus inner-city schools.

Fostering Global Awareness: Resources for Learning about China and Japan ($9,500)

Zhiwei Bi and Janet Stucky, Institute for Chinese Studies/Institute for Japanese Studies, College of Humanities

This grant supported the development of several outreach and engagement tools that are currently being used to foster greater global awareness in schools and communities throughout Ohio.

  • The Institute for Japanese Studies offers Japan Artifact Boxes and the Institute for Chinese Studies offers Chinese Culture Boxes, each of which can be borrowed for use in schools, libraries, and community organizations for up to 2 weeks. Each box contains contain information and lessons about Japanese or Chinese history, language, art, culture, toys, and games.
  • Both Institutes have groups of volunteers who give presentations about Japan or China (Passport to China Speakers Program). These volunteers will come to classrooms to conduct workshops or presentations that will give participants a virtual tour of Asian culture through fun, hands-on activities.

The Car ($3,500)

Lynn Sametz, OSU Lima

The Car is a unique opportunity for seventh- and eighth-grade students to become involved in teamwork and cooperative learning using a 1998 Bill Elliott Show Car. The field trip experience engages students in science, mathematics, and language arts as they become part of the racing world for the day. The seed grant provided scholarships to subsidize the cost for participating schools. During the first year of operation, more than 1,280 students and their teachers from a seven-county area participated. The program was also offered to young women by one of the community partners, Girl Scouts of Appleseed Ridge.

2002 Mini Seed Grants

Total Funding for 2002: $10,526

Character Improvement and Team Building within City School Districts ($500)

Tom Cole and Tom Hopkins, OSU Extension 4-H Youth Development, Ashtabula County

Developed a set of team-building activities for character education in the Ashtabula and Conneaut city school districts.

I CAN Go to College (Kids’ College) ($1,250)

Sue Kofsky and Dominic Dottavio, OSU Marion

Funding supported elementary and middle school students’ attendance at a summer enrichment program designed to encourage interest in postsecondary education.

Middle East Studies Center Lecture and Presentation Activities ($1,250)

Alam Payind, Middle East Studies Center

Grant supported further development of outreach materials designed to provide accurate and timely information about the cultures, politics, and peoples of the Middle East.

Senior Series Personal Profile Workshops ($1,250)

Christine Price, OSU Extension, Human Development and Family Science

Funds supported development and implementation of workshops for Extension and aging professionals on life-planning issues for older adults.

Breakfast of Science Champions ($600)

Melissa Weber, College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Grant supported costs of a program that introduces middle school children to the work of scientists and to a college campus.

Latino Migration Story Project ($1,250)

Luz Calvo, Department of Comparative Studies, and Ignacio Corona, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

In conjunction with genealogy workshops for Latinos, a competition was held for high school students to exhibit written and visual works about their families’ migration stories. Grant funds supported prizes and exhibit production.

Women in Science Day ($1,250)

Raquel Diaz-Sprague, School of Allied Medical Professions

Support for an annual event in which women scientists on the faculty, staff, and graduate and professional students introduce girls in grades 7-12 to careers in the sciences

La Clinica Latina ($1,100)

Raquel Diaz-Sprague, School of Allied Medical Professions

Support for a medical clinic offering free primary care to uninsured and low-income Latino patients and opportunities for intercultural learning and community service for health care professionals and students. 2007 awards nominee

Chadwick Arboretum Promotional Brochure ($900)

Mary Maloney, Chadwick Arboretum, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

Supported production costs for a brochure promoting the educational outreach and volunteer opportunities of the arboretum.

Volunteer Literacy Partners ($1,176)

Mindy Wright, Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing

Provided stipends for volunteer tutors at local elementary schools to improve the ratio of tutors to students.

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