2001 Outreach and Engagement Seed Grants Projects

Total Funding for 2001: $109,709

These grants were made possible by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

The Eye Clinic at Faith Mission and Fort Hayes ($25,000)

LeVelle Jenkins, College of Optometry/Faith Mission/Fort Hayes Career Center

The College of Optometry offers free examinations and eyeglasses to children under 18 at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center and to homeless adults at Faith Mission. The grant helped provide over 600 pairs of glasses to patients at the mission and 271 examinations and glasses to children at Fort Hayes.

2008 award nominee

The Learning Bridge: Assisting Columbus Public Schools in the University Neighborhoods, P-12 Project ($24,709)

Daryl Siedentop, College of Education/College of Social Work/College of Human Ecology/Interprofessional Commission of Ohio/Campus Partners/Columbus Public Schools/Columbus Education Association

The Learning Bridge was a partnership between The Ohio State University P-12 Project, the Columbus Public Schools, and the Columbus Education Association. The collaboration worked to improve the education of children and youth in the 13 public schools that serve families living in the neighborhoods around The Ohio State University.

OSU Reaches Out for Better Health: Development of a Tobacco Cessation Clinic ($20,000)

Abdel Mohammad, College of Dentistry/The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital/College of Pharmacy

The seed grant supported the early operation of this program in the dental clinic, staffed by students, faculty, a dental assistant, and a behavioral consultant.

College Bound ($20,000)

Charles Ross, College of Social Work

The College Bound Summer Institute for elementary and middle school children was an outreach effort sponsored by the College of Social Work that provided a 10-week summer camp of morning core academic classes and afternoon athletic and cultural activities. The seed grant funded scholarships for participating students.

A Virtual Resource Station for Ohio Spanish Teachers ($20,000)

Terrell Morgan, College of Humanities

The Virtual Resource Station was designed to provide assistance and resources to Spanish teachers throughout the state of Ohio. The site enabled teachers to ask questions about the Spanish language or Hispanic cultures by fax, e-mail, or toll-free telephone.

2001 Mini Seed Grants

Total Funding for 2001: $39,240

Taking Horticulture to the Classroom ($625)

Pam Bennett, OSU Extension, Clark County

Welcome to the Real World ($1,000)

Beth Bridgeman, OSU Extension, Greene County

In the 1990s, OSU Extension conducted a money management program under several titles (Reality Day, Reality Store, Welcome to the Real World) using resources from other states. This grant provided funding to establish the program in Greene County. Greene County Extension staff convened a statewide curriculum committee to develop an Ohio-specific curriculum that would be more comprehensive. The Real Money, Real World curriculum was developed and first offered in 2005. Read more

Young Women’s Summer Institute ($1,500)

Susan Brown, Ohio Supercomputer Center

Support for a a week-long program for middle-school girls designed to promote computer, math, science, and engineering skills and provide hands-on experiences.

The Ohio State University and Linden McKinley High School Counseling ($1,500)

Janet Buckworth and Paul Granello, College of Education

Support for a physical activity group designed to aid depression in high school girls.

Katy’s Kids ($1,500)

Gerald Cable, College of Pharmacy

Grant supported expansion of an outreach program that teaches elementary school children about prescription drug safety and the work of pharmacists.

Crittenton Family Services ($1,500)

Elizabeth Cullen, College of Nursing

Funds supported purchase of health promotion and disease prevention materials for a service-learning project in which student nurses worked with at-risk families.

Peer Power ($850)

Lin Distel, Department of Women’s Studies, College of Humanities

Support for a peer education program that enables undergraduates to become facilitators and designers of presentations and workshops that introduce women’s studies topics to middle and high school students.

Outreach School Tours ($1,500)

Lesley Ferris, Department of Theatre, College of the Arts

Support for undergraduate theatre company tours to elementary and high schools.

SKIP (Successful Kinesthetic Instructor for Preschoolers Services) ($1,500)

Jackie Goodway, College of Education

Funded the purchase of early childhood motor skill equipment used by OSU students to teach a motor skills program at a public elementary school.

Department of Psychology’s Psychological Services Center ($1,500)

Robert Grant, Department of Psychology, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Support for an outpatient clinic for adults, children, and families seeking psychological assessment and psychotherapy.

Ohio Byzantine Cultural Initiative ($625)

Timothy Gregory, Department of History, College of Humanities

A pilot program to use Internet resources for an educational and cultural program on Byzantine culture.

Bug Zoo ($625)

Jeremy Heath, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center

Supported operating costs of a demonstration program on insects that is presented in schools.

Interactive Youth Learning Center ($1,050)

Roger High, Department of Animal Sciences

Optometry Clinics at Faith Mission and Fort Hayes ($1,500)

LeVelle Jenkins, College of Optometry

Department of Entomology Insectary & Greenhouse ($1,500)

George Keeney, Department of Entomology

Facility that breeds insects and arthropods for teaching and research and provides school tours and classes.

Prairie Program ($625)

Robert Klips, OSU Marion

Support for an elementary and middle school program on seeds, plants, and flowers that is now a regular offering of the Marion Prairie Nature Center.

Kilroy Was Here—and We’re in Hot Pursuit! ($1,500)

Jerry Martin, Office of Information Technology

COPC Efforts with the College of Nursing ($1,500)

Barbara Polivka, College of Nursing

Counselor Education (OSU & Linden McKinley Center for Counseling) ($1,500)

Tania Psathas and Paul Granello, College of Education

Young Women’s Business Academy ($1,500)

Karen Ream, Alber Enterprise Center, OSU Marion

A program that provided high school females a chance to experience entrepreneurship and the business world, co-sponsored with Ohio State University Extension and the Girl Scouts.

Efforts between Williams County Extension and Williams County Agencies ($1,250)

Melissa Rupp, OSU Extension, Williams County

Supported the formation of a working partnership and training in capacity assessment for LEARN Williams County, a regional strategic planning and capacity building effort.

Lima K-12 Outreach Programs ($1,365)

Lynn Sametz, OSU Lima

Support for the purchase of equipment for three school programs: Decisions, Dilemmas, Discussions; Inquiry, Scientists and the Environment; and Many Hats of Agriculture.

Initiative with Boys and Girls Club: English ($600)

Jacquelyn Spangler, OSU Marion

Funds provided learning materials for children tutored by OSU Marion students and for the publication of student essays and a newsletter about the program.

Adopt-A-Class ($1,500)

D. Elder Stewart and Linda Houston, Agricultural Technical Institute

Grant supported visits to fifth- and sixth-grade classes by OSU agriculture students to present lesson plans they developed and elementary students’ visit to ATI to learn about agriculture and horticulture.

Mentoring and Sharing through the Power of Books ($1,500)

David Strauss, University Honors and Scholars

Supported book discussions by OSU honors students and Columbus Africentric School students.

South High School Urban Academy Mentoring Program ($1,500)

H. Lewis Ulman, Department of English

Supported campus visits by high school students who were mentored by OSU English students.

The Virtual Museum as a Tool for Bringing Biodiversity to the Class ($1,500)

John Wetzel and John Freudenstein, Department of Entomology

Designed and implemented web-based exercises on biodiversity for junior high science classes

Minority Youth Arts Saturday School ($1,500)

Wanda White, Frank W. Hale Jr. Black Cultural Center

Provided equipment and materials for an enrichment program for at-risk preschool and elementary-aged children from the University District.

4-H in the Classroom ($625)

Rhonda Williams, OSU Extension, Darke County

College of Education and Columbus Public Schools ($1,500)

Shelley Wong, College of Education

Supported an educational program for eighth-grade English as second language students

SAFE (Secure and Friendly Environment Program) ($1,500)

Ellen Yokoyama, University Hospitals

A project addressing anxiety disorders in a partnership between the Medical Center and Columbus Public Schools

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