COVID19 Response

COVID19 Response

The Ohio State University
Office of Academic Affairs
Outreach and Engagement COVID19 Response

$88,000 awarded

The current COVID19 pandemic is a major, pressing problem and is having an impact on individuals, organizations, businesses, and communities. Ohio State faculty, staff and students are in a unique position at one of the worlds' most comprehensive public institutions to play a key role in addressing the current crisis and leading or contributing to recovery efforts. Using some existing grant funds and augmenting with reserves, the following grants have been made, to date.

COVID Connect
A $50,000 grant to support capacity and infrastructure was awarded to the Center for Public Health Practice within the College of Public Health. The primary purpose of the grant is to facilitate the establishment of the COVID Connect initiative that connects public health agencies and related organizations to the university expertise, specifically focused on managing issues related to the COVID19 pandemic and recovery efforts.

PI: Andy Wapner, College of Public Health, Center for Public Health Practice

Modeling, Data Analysis and Interpretation
A $25,000 grant to support graduate students working on priority projects related to modeling, data analysis and interpretation, and analysis of new and emerging studies and manuscripts in an effort to inform recovery efforts and strategies to potentially return to the university campus and other efforts led by Dean Amy Fairchild related to the Safety and Scientific Sub-Committee of the university.

PI: Amy Fairchild, College of Public Health

Ohio Nonprofit Impact Survey (follow up)
A $3,000 grant to support student engagement focusing on data collection, analysis and reporting for the follow-up survey of Ohio Nonprofits. Initial survey was completed and reported on and second, follow-up survey is planned for later this year.

PI: Erynn Beaton, John Glenn College of Public Affairs

Outcomes and Processes Associated with LiFEsports Summer Programming Amidst the Pandemic

A $10,000 grant will be used to explore outcomes and processes associated with LiFEsports Summer Programming amidst the pandemic. Youth will complete pre- and post-program surveys measuring their perceived social skills, healthy lifestyles behaviors, and sport competence. Post-test measures will explore the value of specific program mechanisms, such as relationships with LiFEsports Virtual Staff, value of incentives, and sense of belonging. Program record data will track youth engagement in the various program activities, and barriers to program implementation will be tracked along the way. Online surveys with stakeholders will allow us to further explore outcomes and processes. All procedures will be approved by Ohio State's Institutional Review Board.

PI: Dawn Anderson-Butcher, College of Social Work