2019 Community Engagement Conference
Partnering for a Resilient and Sustainable Future

Call for Proposals

The deadline to submit presentation and poster proposals for the 2019 Community Engagement Conference at The Ohio State University was Oct. 3, 2018. 

Registration for the conference will open in mid-November. 

As a Carnegie community-engaged institution, Ohio State fulfills its land-grant mission through an extensive portfolio of meaningful partnerships in teaching, research and service across the university. Building on the success of the inaugural Community Engagement Conference in 2018, this year's conference will bring together community engagement practitioners (faculty, staff, students and community partners) to focus on professional development and networking, while exploring new potential engagement partnerships.

The theme of the 2019 conference is Partnering for a Resilient and Sustainable Future.

Proposals were sought that cover a broad range of topics and projects under the theme.

Sustainability is motivated by the fundamental dependence of humans on the natural environment, including air, water, and land resources, and the desire to foster life on Earth now and in the future. It focuses on improving the well-being of people and communities by protecting earth's life support systems, reducing environmental impacts, and enhancing resource efficiency. Sustainability also depends on the resilience of natural and human systems, such as those providing energy and food, and the ability of communities to recover, adapt and flourish in the face of changing environmental, economic, and social conditions.

Some examples of topics or types of projects can be found at go.osu.edu/2019CECexamples.

Additionally, presentations from the 2018 Community Engagement Conference can be viewed at https://go.osu.edu/engagedscholars2018.

All accepted presentations and posters will receive a citable URL in Engaged Scholars (the conference proceedings). 


Guide to Proposal Development

Download a Printable Version of Proposal Guidelines/Instructions

Faculty, staff, students and community partners are encouraged to submit proposals highlighting meaningful partnerships involving engaged teaching, engaged research and engaged service that make an impact in the community and on scholarship. Proposals that focus on enhancing the skills necessary for success in engagement are also desired.

Ohio State’s College Engagement Council recently developed five Partnership Principles based on the following theory:

The complexity of societal challenges are best solved through meaningful partnerships representing a diversity of ideas and talents. These meaningful partnerships, which enhance impact by promoting innovation and relevance, are built on fundamental principles.

Participants are encouraged to consider how their partnerships embody these principles as they develop proposals:

  • Awareness of partner needs associated with values, assets, and challenges
  • Shared resources and responsibilities leveraging strengths for mutual benefit and collective impact
  • Accountability through evidence in practice and evaluation
  • Commitment to stewardship ensuring trust, compromise, efficiency and sustainability within partnerships
  • Recognition of successes affirming the value of partnerships

Session Formats

Individuals or groups may submit proposals for one or more conference session format:

Presentations: These oral sessions provide the opportunity for individuals or groups to present information related to the conference theme. The conference program committee encourages presentations which include community partners as co-presenters. Sessions will either be for 15 minuyrd, 30 minutes or one hour.

Ignite Sessions: (5-minute presentation) Intended for individuals to share new and creative ways they have either recently been, or soon will be, active in engagement during a fast-paced Ignite Session. Learn more about Ignite at go.osu.edu/ignitehowto. Ignite motto: “Enlighten us! Just make it quick.”

Poster Sessions: These sessions are designed for individuals or small teams to present posters illustrating approaches to problems and solutions in community engagement, to showcase best practices and case studies, and to introduce innovative, even experimental ideas. Poster board display space and multiple presentation time slots will be available during the conference.

Proposal Submission, Review and Notification

Proposals must be submitted by Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 11:59 p.m. at go.osu.edu/2019proposals. Presenters may submit multiple proposals; however, our administrative system will permit only one submission per email address. This allows you to edit your submission up to the deadline.  

Proposals will be reviewed by a committee consisting of faculty, staff and community partners. The review process is confidential. Reviewers will be asked to evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the proposal.
  • Suitability of the topic to the conference theme and presentation format proposed.
  • Likelihood that the proposal will engage participants and promote discussion.
  • Clarity in describing the session’s objectives, outcomes and intended audience.
  • Relevance of the topic in providing key content.

The review committee will select presentations based upon the reviews and ratings of all proposals submitted, available time slots for presentations, and diversity of presentation topics and levels, including diversity of types and geographic locations. Notifications will be sent to applicants no later than Oct. 30, 2018.

All presenters and co-presenters must register for the conference and submit the online presenter’s agreement.

All final instructions and information will be sent to you in a speaker’s packet.

As a conference proceeding, all presentations will be published in Ohio State’s Engaged Scholars, an online, searchable catalog of Ohio State’s mearningful partnerships involving engaged teaching, engaged research and engaged service that make an impact in the community and on scholarship.