Arts and Design Engagement Community of Practice

Arts and Design Engagement Community of Practice

Next meeting: March 6, 3:30-5 p.m.

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Meeting ID: 674 182 3503
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You are cordially invited to join the Community of Practice for Arts and Design Engagement!

Our group provides a space for artists, designers and scholars across disciplines on and off campus to share experiences, resources and insights related to engaged scholarship. Ohio State University is dedicated to partnering with communities to realize their ambitions. The aim of this group is to build a supportive network of engaged scholars to exchange ideas, learn from each other and build capacity for engaged scholarship that is directed toward social change, racial justice and environmental stewardship through the arts and design. All experienced and emerging engaged scholars are welcome!

While driven by the specific needs of our group members, the community of practice aims to:

  • Connect individuals working in the space of engaged scholarship to share experiences, challenges and insights of engaged practices.
  • Foster partnerships between academic members and community members and/or arts-based organizations.
  • Cultivate transdisciplinary research by sharing methods and co-creating novel approaches to community-engaged projects.
  • Amplify the ethical considerations of engaged scholarship.
  • Elevate education for citizenship by promoting educational opportunities for students through service-learning.
  • Build capacity for research dissemination by sharing and identifying platforms and venues to publish projects, findings, and best practices.

Please note upcoming dates and topics for our Community of Practice for Arts and Design Engagement:

  • March 6: Developing Partnerships; How to initiate community-based relations. (online)
  • April 10: What internal and external funding mechanisms are available? (online)
  • May 1: A social gathering with arts-based organizations and local nonprofits. (in-person)

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Susan Melsop, associate professor in the Department of Design, at