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New “POP Care” healthcare model to improve health of homebound adults and their pets

Both human and animal patients stand to benefit from an innovative new model of healthcare launched today by leaders of The Ohio State University Colleges of Nursing, Veterinary Medicine and Social Work. The POP (Pet Owner and Pet) Care pilot program is funded through a Hillman Foundation Emergent Innovations grant. It joins the knowledge and service of three academic colleges to transition a pattern of reactive sick care into proactive, holistic well care for homebound adults with multiple chronic conditions and their pets.

A Spirit of Service

Kierra Edwards marched in place, hopped up and down and stood at the head of a pre-kindergarten classroom. The children followed her lead, singing counting songs at the tops of their voices. In a colorful room with holiday ornaments dangling from the ceiling and heaps of glue bottles and crayons lining the shelves, it was a typical classroom scene — for what had been an atypical experience. “The moment we walked in, they were hugging us,” said Edwards, a 2018 Ohio State graduate and current graduate student studying early childhood education. “They’re just really appreciative, happy kids.” Edward’s December service trip gave her a fresh experience in the largely Latino population of Immokalee, Florida, a city with a high poverty rate. And that’s exactly why Buck-I-SERV, an alternative break program, was created in 2003.

Researchers Tell a Story of Food Insecurity on the South Side

The quality and price of food in a city can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, and new research at Ohio State is mapping that disparity. The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity partnered with several community partners and Ohio State colleges to study food insecurity on Columbus’ South Side. The study is part of a larger community/university initiative called Food-mapping for Empowerment, Access and Sustainable Transformation, also known as FEAST, which aims to understand availability of healthy food in Ohio and how people interact with their food landscape.

Nonprofit Bridges Gap Between College and High School for Refugees and Immigrants

Deepanshu Singh said he didn’t have a program like Refuge when he moved to the United States from India in 2012 as a high school freshman. Singh, a third-year in biology, said he was lucky enough to have guidance counselors and friends to help him learn about the U.S. college experience and application process. However, many immigrants and refugees are not as fortunate as Singh was. Refuge, a nonprofit organization, was founded on Ohio State’s campus in 2016 to provide guidance to high school-aged refugees and immigrants in their pursuit of higher education.

2019 Patterson Lecture with Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank - May 2

Rebecca Blank, University of Wisconsin-Madison chancellor, will deliver the 16th annual Patterson Lecture on May 2, 2019

Multidisciplinary Team Unveils Plans for Tanzania Humanitarian Outreach

This summer, students at The Ohio State University have the opportunity to develop and test their solar engineering skills while empowering a school for orphans in Tanzania. Essentially, when the Solar Education and Outreach (SOLAREO) club annual alternative spring break humanitarian trip to Haiti ended, organizers found a way to keep the positive energy moving. Work began behind the scenes to shift their goals.

Conference Presents Challenges, Solutions for Sustainable Communities

Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland and current head of the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice, says that despite the looming challenges we face due to climate change, she still has hope. Robinson was a keynote speaker for The Ohio State University 2019 Community Engagement Conference held this week in the Ohio Union. Hundreds of faculty, students, staff and community partners filled ballrooms and exhibit space to discuss research, partnerships and resources to help build sustainable and resilient communities.

Former President of Ireland Talks Fighting Climate Change, ‘Climate Justice’

For the final lecture of the 2019 Community Engagement Conference on Thursday, former president of Ireland Mary Robinson spoke to Ohio State faculty, students and other conference attendees about the importance of fighting climate change, as well as what people can do to slow it down.

Community Engagement Conference Keynote Speaker Focuses on Human-First Strategy to Sustainability

Environmental policy expert Ibrahim Abdul-Matin spoke to faculty, staff and Ohio State community partners at the annual community engagement conference entitled “Partnering for a Resilient and Sustainable Future” on January 23

Environmental Policy Expert Looks to Ohio State for Leadership

2019 Community Engagement Conference: Partnering for a Resilient and Sustainable Future

Taking a Deep Dive into Data at Ohio State Summer Camp

The Ohio State University’s Translational Data Analytics Institute hosted a free summer camp to introduce young women to the discipline of data science and analytics. The week-long Data Science for Women Summer Camp wrapped up on Friday as more than two dozen students took a deep dive into data.

Special Education Intervention Works for All Disabilities, Ages

They call the project HEROES, or Helping Early Readers Obtain Excellence in Special Education. Partnering with two other universities — Georgia State and Clemson — the researchers trained 117 teachers in 95 schools from 21 districts to deliver one-to-one reading lessons to their students, ages 6-9. To qualify for the story, the students’ reading difficulties could not be related to a motor problem or low IQ.

Roads Scholars Tour Showcases Partnerships Across Ohio

Faculty, staff and students from The Ohio State University hit the road this week for the annual Roads Scholars Tour, a two-day bus tour showcasing university partnerships across Ohio. This year’s tour began at the Ohio State University Airport and included stops at Glen-Gery Brick Yard in Iberia, Buurma Farms in Willard, Flying Horse Farms in Mt. Gilead, Gorman-Rupp Pumps in Mansfield, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

OHIO Project: Fourth-Year Dental Students Provide Dental Care to At-Risk Populations in Ohio

The Oral Health Improvement through Outreach (OHIO) Project gives senior dental students the opportunity to apply coursework to a real-world setting. In doing so, students experience different types of communities and help underserved populations in Ohio receive dental care. Diana Maier and Ashley Hill wondered the same thing. As master’s students in Ohio State’s College of Social Work, both were troubled by these statistics. A project for their Social and Economic Justice class required students to research and develop an advocacy plan for any current social justice issue. Maier and Hill decided to focus their project on LGBTQ+ mental health in Columbus.

2018 Engagement Recognition Award Recipients Announced

Ohio State’s Engagement Recognition Awards honor faculty, staff, students and community partners for outstanding achievement in meaningful partnerships that produce engaged scholarship and community impact. Recipients include LiFEsports (Distinguished Community Engagement), The Ohio State University Neonatal Survival Program (Distinguished International Engagement), and the Medication Management Program/Institute of Therapeutic Innovations and Outcomes (Distinguished Service-Learning). Awardees will be recognized at a ceremony on May 2 at 10:30 a.m. in the Ohio Union, U.S. Bank Conference Theater. The event is free and open to the public. RSVP requested at

Mental Health within the LGBTQ+ Youth Community: From Class Project to Community Engagement

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ+) youth are two to three times more likely to commit suicide than their heterosexual, cisgender counterparts*. While this disparity may seem alarming, it’s actually quite common place. But why? Diana Maier and Ashley Hill wondered the same thing. As master’s students in Ohio State’s College of Social Work, both were troubled by these statistics. A project for their Social and Economic Justice class required students to research and develop an advocacy plan for any current social justice issue. Maier and Hill decided to focus their project on LGBTQ+ mental health in Columbus.

Discovery Talks: Infectious Diseases Institute Trains Researchers to Give Educational, TED-Style Talks in the Community

Discovery Talks is a program created by Ohio State’s Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI), with a focus on disseminating results of research by faculty, students and staff on infectious diseases to the public using a TED talk-style approach.

Watch a Replay of the Patterson Lecture with Brit Kirwan

William E. "Brit" Kirwan is chancellor emeritus of the University System of Maryland will deliver the 15th Annual Patterson Lecture on May 2.

Bringing Science to the Kids

When you volunteer at a linguistics booth for kids at a science conference, you never know who you’ll meet. Kathryn Campbell-Kibler met a third-grade girl who made up her own language. “She got a piece of paper and wrote out the symbols in her made-up language,” Campbell-Kibler said. “One of the things that struck me was that she had dots that indicated whether you read the text forward, backward or up or down. It was amazing.”

Community Engagement Conference Helps Develop Meaningful Partnerships for Health

A two-day conference to build relationships, share knowledge and improve community health filled hallways, meeting rooms and ballrooms at The Ohio State University this week. The inaugural Community Engagement Conference was held at the Ohio Union Wednesday and Thursday. While the focus of the conference was advancing a culture of wellness and health, the goal was to help identify and develop meaningful partnerships far beyond the university.

Watch Donna Shalala's Provost's Discovery Themes Lecture

Donna Shalala presented "Advancing Health and Wellness" on Jan. 24, 2018.

2018 Community Engagement Conference

Ohio State’s inaugural Community Engagement Conference will take place January 24-25, 2018 in the Ohio Union.

Connect and Collaborate Grant Helps Generation Rx Fight Prescription Drug Misuse

The opioid epidemic has consistently been making national headlines and with good reason. Drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, and it’s estimated that approximately eleven Ohioans die each day from a drug overdose. With such alarming statistics, it’s difficult to imagine how such a large health crisis could be solved. However, for a group of individuals at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy, fighting back against prescription drug misuse is in their mission statement. Since 2007, Generation Rx has worked to educate individuals of all ages about the dangers of misusing prescription medications. A partnership between The Ohio State University and the Cardinal Health Foundation was established in 2009, and is headed by Dr. Kenneth Hale and Dr. Nicole C. Kwiek within the College of Pharmacy. The amount of food waste in the U.S. has a plethora of negative impacts on food security, resource conservation and climate change, which are just a few of the reasons why Brian Roe, Van Buren professor in the Department of Agriculture, Environmental and Development Economics, helped create the OSU Food Waste Collaborative.

Watch J.D. Vance's Provost's Discovery Themes Lecture

J.D. Vance will propose a hands-on approach to problems facing his native state of Ohio: opioid addiction, under-preparedness of the workforce, and domestic instability. Through his non-profit organization, Our Ohio Renewal, Vance, a 2009 alumnus of Ohio State, will tackle these issues that shaped his upbringing in Middletown, Ohio, subject of Hillbilly Elegy, Vance’s #1 New York Times best-seller.

Researchers, Students and Community Come Together to Reduce Food Waste

Food waste is a big issue; specifically, a 133 billion pound issue that often goes unnoticed in everyday life. According to the USDA, the United States wastes 30-40 percent of the food supply, and food waste is the single largest element going into municipal landfills. The amount of food waste in the U.S. has a plethora of negative impacts on food security, resource conservation and climate change, which are just a few of the reasons why Brian Roe, Van Buren professor in the Department of Agriculture, Environmental and Development Economics, helped create the OSU Food Waste Collaborative.

​Roads Scholars Tour Focuses on Learning about Southwest Ohio

The trip begins with a story about Hugh Jackman and some wild animals and ends with a lesson from the unofficial weed king of Ohio. Welcome to The Ohio State University 2017 Roads Scholar Tour. The Roads Scholars Tour is a two-day trip for faculty, staff and community partners to learn more about Ohio history and the university’s deep connections throughout the state. Associate Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement Stephen Myers is the tour guide and ringleader for the Roads Scholars. “It’s a little snapshot of some of the really incredible and interesting things going on in this great state,” Myers said.

Growing Food and Harvesting Hope for Cancer Survivors

When cancer rears its ugly head and strikes close to home, the physical and mental health impacts can be devastating. Enter Dr. Colleen Spees, assistant professor and member of Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, who is channeling hope and empowerment to cancer survivors through her community-based cancer research. Six years ago, Dave Claborn, director of development and community relations at Ohio State Marion, came together with his team to develop an idea that would reward good, local students: GoBuck$. GoBuck$ is a scholarship program that provides students attending Marion City Schools tuition vouchers for attendance and academic achievement.

University Engagement Recognition Awards Recipients Announced

Ohio State’s Engagement Recognition Awards honor faculty, staff, students and community partners for outstanding achievement in local, national and international community-university collaborations. Recipients include the National Expansion of Reading Recovery program (Distinguished Community Engagement), the Nationwide Children’s Hospital-China Pediatric Violence and Injury Prevention and Research International Program (Distinguished International Engagement), and the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (Distinguished Service-Learning). All awardees will be recognized at a ceremony on May 3 at 10:30 a.m. in the Ohio Union, Archie Griffin Ballroom.

Watch Richard Florida’s Provost’s Discovery Themes Lecture

Dr. Richard Florida discussed "The New Urban Crisis" for the Provost's Discovery Themes Lecturer Program at The Ohio State University.

Growing Healthy Kids Columbus Coalition Works to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Eating healthy isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially when you are very young and may not have control over your food choices. Luckily, the Growing Healthy Kids Columbus Coalition is helping to build the healthiest generation yet. With 45 organizations involved, including OSU Extension and Columbus Public Health, the coalition networks and collaborates on childhood obesity prevention efforts. By making small changes throughout the Columbus area, the coalition is starting to see a big difference with the way children are eating.

Rewatch the Patterson Lecture featuring University of Kansas Chancellor

The 14th Annual James F. Patterson Land-Grant University Lecture will feature University of Kansas Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little on Wednesday, May 3 from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the Ohio Union, Archie Griffin East Ballroom. A light lunch will be served. The lecture honors former Board of Trustees member James Patterson and the cause to which he is most committed - a vibrant university fulfilling its land-grant mission in an ever-changing world. Seating is limited to 300. Register by April 26.

Pharmacy Ambassadors Program Assists Resettled Refugees

Pharmacy Ambassadors takes participants through a two and a half hour interactive program, teaching them how to navigate and familiarize themselves with the U.S. healthcare system.

Student Organization Looks to Alleviate Poverty through Entrepreneurship

When talking to Ruidi Lu about the Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship (APTE) student organization, it’s hard to ignore the passion that he illuminates. Lu, a former executive director of APTE who will be graduating with a degree in finance this spring, shared that APTE was created in 2009 at Ohio State with the purpose of gathering students and community members to learn about social enterprise, clean energy and affordable health care.

Pages Inspires Students through Art-Infused Writing

In high school, you can often hear students complaining about their calculus final, an English paper they had to write or a chemistry lab gone wrong; but rarely do you hear high school students complaining, or even discussing, art. Due to funding cuts across Ohio, classes like art, dance, music and creative writing do not exist in many schools. Very few students have the opportunity to engage with, have conversations about, or learn alongside art because there is less and less exposure to art in schools, especially in high school. Dionne Custer Edwards, Wexner Center for the Arts educator and manager, school partnerships, hopes her work in central Ohio schools will help shift the conversation.

Autumn Connect and Collaborate Grants Recipients Announced

The Connect and Collaborate Grants program awarded more than $300,000 to 12 teams during the autumn 2016 funding cycle. The grants are designed to bring together multiple university and community resources and leverage existing community platforms to develop programs that achieve measurable, positive impacts in communities while advancing the scholarly goals of the university. Learn more about awarded programs at

Marion Buck$ Cash in for College

When there’s an Ohio State campus in your hometown, the university becomes an even larger part of the community. In the instance of The Ohio State University at Marion – they want to do even more. Six years ago, Dave Claborn, director of development and community relations at Ohio State Marion, came together with his team to develop an idea that would reward good, local students: GoBuck$. GoBuck$ is a scholarship program that provides students attending Marion City Schools tuition vouchers for attendance and academic achievement.

Nursing Student Looks to "Make a Difference" in the Community

When talking to Morgan Ciehanski, a third-year honors nursing student, it is easy to pick up on the zeal she has for her area of study. She is involved both in and out of the classroom, making sure to keep her plate full with admirable activities and events.

Farm to School Brings Local Food to the Community

Where does food come from? How are we going to feed everybody on earth? These are the kind of questions asked by a lot of kids in Cincinnati – and Tony Staubach is here to answer them.

Breakfast of Science Champions Hosts 550 Middle School Students

Ohio State welcomed more than 550 Columbus City School middle school students to campus on Nov. 9 for the 2016 Breakfast of Science Champions. This year, 14 different host sites provided hands-on science activities to engage the students in a day of fun, interactive learning.

Engineering Program Helps Supply Modified Toys to Children with Different Abilities

The goal of the Toy Adaptation Program, which received a 2016 Connect and Collaborate Grant, is to allow engineering students at Ohio State to serve their community through supplying electronic toys they modify to suit the needs of children with different abilities.

Bringing Nature to Urban Cincinnati: 4-H Style

Where does food come from? How are we going to feed everybody on earth? These are the kind of questions asked by a lot of kids in Cincinnati – and Tony Staubach is here to answer them.

Dancing Has Never Been So Fun – and Healthy

The sounds of Judy Garland, Ray Charles and Elvis Presley blast through the speakers. Wheelchairs, walkers and tiny feet shuffle through the door. All of these moving parts head towards the music, which leads to recent Ohio State alumna Sarah Kidd’s weekly Dance for Health class.

Bilingual Storybook Project Builds Strong Connections

A common thread connects Ohio State’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese and Salem Elementary School - a desire to promote inclusion and literacy in both Spanish and English. The two were perfect partners to start the Bilingual Storybook Project – an initiative that allows elementary students, their families and Ohio State students to benefit.

Encouraging Peace in Central Ohio

An emphasis on cooperation and amity amidst the current state of international disarray and adversity is something that can be hard to stick to. The Ohio Peace Collaborative at Ohio State is proving that it is a possibility, especially for those who are determined and willing to put in the time and effort it takes to promote peace in a cooperative way.residents have for where they call home.

Engineering Students Create Products with Humanitarian Focus

In a world of smartphones and self-driving cars, cutting-edge products work to make consumers’ lives a little easier. But what about when consumers are barred from those technologies because of the cost or a disability? One group of students is working to eliminate that slant through a passion for humanitarian engineering. Follow the Tomato, a service-learning course offered through the College of Social Work, is a class offered Spring Semester to students interested in learning about food security issues and the social, economic, health and environmental consequences related to the food system.

Follow the Tomato Teaches About Food Security in Franklinton

While many college students might not think twice about where the food on their plate is coming from, one class engages students to learn the origins of their food through community service. Follow the Tomato, a service-learning course offered through the College of Social Work, is a class offered Spring Semester to students interested in learning about food security issues and the social, economic, health and environmental consequences related to the food system.

Collaborating in a Neighborhood through Art

A sense of pride in where one lives seems to be an integral part of Columbus’s eclectic character. In recent years, numerous organizations and projects have partnered with the Weinland Park neighborhood to foster community - and in turn are impacted by the love the residents have for where they call home.

Theatre Arts Group Celebrates Diversity and Growth through Performance

The Theatre Arts Group consists of a group of diverse Ohio State students who meet with students at Columbus North International School two to three times a week to build an interest and love for theatre through writing, acting, learning, performing, seeing live shows and building sets.

Latino High Schoolers Benefit from Mentoring

The LASER program at Ohio State is creating a college track for Columbus’ growing population of young Latinos.

Taking Plant Science Out of the Lab and into the Community

The Center for Applied Plant Sciences (CAPS) and the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center (ABRC) at Ohio State are pushing for children to be more in touch with the world around them - in the realm of plants, that is. Through several programs and partnerships coupled with an earnest zeal to share how plant life affects everyone, the drive to get plant science out into the community is becoming more and more apparent through Ohio State’s efforts.

South African Pharmacists Visit Ohio State for Mentoring Program

After visiting Ohio State for a mentoring program, 2 South African pharmacists share their experiences.

Schweitzer Fellows Tell Their Stories

As part of the Columbus-Athens Schweitzer Fellows Program, 14 professional and graduate students from Ohio State, along with three from Ohio University, facilitated projects to engage the Columbus and Athens communities. The projects addressed a variety of health-related topics including nutrition and wellness needs, obesity related sickness, youth homelessness and many more. Watch videos from each fellow as they tell the stories of their projects.

2016 Roads Scholars Tour Explores Northwest Ohio

The Roads Scholars Tour, a two-day, traveling seminar that included President Drake and Provost McPheron, took more than 50 faculty, staff and community partners to northwest Ohio on July 14-15 to tour sites where the university has key partnerships. Participants viewed first-hand the reach and impact that engaged teaching and research collaborations have on communities and residents across the state.

Creating and Using Technology to Help People

What does building wheelchair ramps in Columbus have in common with solar panel installation in Haiti? Both are projects of The Ohio State University’s Humanitarian Engineering Center, a university initiative dedicated to creating technology that helps people.

Dancing with the Community

The Department of Dance at Ohio State recognizes that it has a responsibility to expand public understanding and appreciation of dance, which takes on many different forms of expression - whether that be creatively, culturally, or educationally. Dori Jenks, former external relations coordinator for the Department of Dance, confirmed just this. “We are a performance based art form, so there is the sharing of work. That too is the sharing of culture and also education and enriching peoples’ lives,” she said.

Engineering an Inspiring Outreach Program

Betty Lise Anderson explains how a straightforward outreach project mushroomed into an award-winning program.

Engineering an Inspiring Outreach Program

Betty Lise Anderson explains how a straightforward outreach project mushroomed into an award-winning program.

2016 Impact Grant Recipients

The Office of Outreach and Engagement Impact Grant program supports the application of innovative and creative scholarship to address important societal challenges and fulfills Ohio State’s land-grant university commitment to public service by partnering with communities to address challenges of local, national and global significance. This year, seven programs received Impact Grant funding totaling $330,000.

Engagement Recognition Award Recipients Announced

The Engagement Recognition Awards honor faculty, staff and students for outstanding achievement in partnership with Ohio State’s local, national and international community partners. Recipients include Star House (Distinguished Community Engagement), the Ghana Sustainable Change Program (Distinguished International Engagement), and Partner for Promotion (Distinguished Service-Learning). All awardees will be recognized at a ceremony on May 3 at 10:30 a.m. in the Ohio Union, Archie Griffin Ballroom.

Ohio State Student Leads by Partnering in Community

In recent years, the founding of Ohio State's Second-Year Transformational Experience Program (STEP) has helped multiple students facilitate community programs through its fellowship grant funding. One such student is DaVonti' Haynes, a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Public Affairs, who has been innovating the way educational programs are extended outside of the university since his freshman year. Haynes has been instrumental in creating multiple programs at Ohio State, but specifically A Day in the Life of a Buckeye and Mentor-A-Buckeye have been personal projects.

Youth Beat Radio Gives Young People a Voice

Young people are inundated every day with messages from the media, but opportunities to be the ones shaping and sending the messages are rare. Youth Beat Radio, a radio program produced by students from The Ohio State University, Central Ohio high schools, and youth organizations, gives them a chance to talk to the community from their perspective.

Watch a Replay of Janet Napolitano's Patterson Land-Grant Lecture

University of California President Janet Napolitano will give the 13th Annual Patterson Land-Grant University Lecture. The event will take place on May 3 from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the Ohio Union, Archie Griffin Ballroom.

Engagement Scholarship Travel Support Available

The Offices of Service-Learning, Outreach and Engagement, and Research are offering funding for Ohio State University faculty, staff and students to attend workshops and conferences that build capacity for advancing the scholarship of engagement in teaching and research activities.

MobileYou Updates Columbus on Health Care

We are in the age of technology as a daily necessity. At the same time, local public health has become an increasingly important issue. One group in particular at Ohio State has pursued addressing these realities through an app called MobileYou that would provide access to free meals, job placement, shelter information and affordable health clinics, among other services. The app also includes a navigation system which allows users to find to the locations of these resources in their surrounding area through the accessibility of Google Maps-based technology, while also providing links to affordable transportation.

Passino Joins Prestigious Fulbright Specialist Roster

An Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) professor at The Ohio State University joined a prestigious group of worldwide scholars after recently being named to the Fulbright Specialist Roster. ECE professor Kevin Passino is the Director of the Humanitarian Engineering Center, an Ohio State group dedicated to promoting human welfare, social justice and sustainable development through engineering education in the classroom and project work around the world.

Clean Marinas Program Heightens Awareness of Eco-Friendly Practices

Pollution and unsustainable use of our natural resources seem to be ever present realities in not only our environment, but also in our daily lives. Educational programs that provide the information and utilities to encourage eco-friendly practices are one of the necessary steps to bringing awareness to not only the academic world, but also the public. The Ohio Clean Marinas Program, a partnership between Ohio State (through Ohio Sea Grant), the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Lake Erie Marine Trades Association, has been working for years to do just that.

Food Insecurity Drives Ohio State Student’s Engaged Scholarship

Meera Nagarajan, a fourth-year nutrition science major and pre-med student, focuses on the issue of food insecurity in the Columbus area. Throughout her time at Ohio State, she has been extensively involved with community engagement, as well as educating students and non-students about the impact food insecurity has on our society.

Teaching the Science of Language

Students in the course "Training in Science Education Outreach" spend most of their class time at COSI (Center of Science and Industry) performing science demos with museum visitors and working in a research “pod.” Not exactly a traditional class setting, but that’s the point, according to Laura Wagner, associate professor, psychology, and one of three faculty members team-teaching the course. “The course’s main aim is to teach undergraduate and graduate students how to speak to the public about science, focusing specifically on language science,” said Wagner. “And what better place to do it than in a science museum?”

Water First For Thirst Promotes Healthy Beverage Consumption

Health campaigns have picked up in popularity in recent years, as Americans face a staggering increase in obesity rates. While this epidemic does affect adults, one of the more prominent concerns is its impact on children, due to lower levels of activity and higher consumption of unhealthy foods. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 20% of children and teenagers in the U.S. are obese. One group at Ohio State is working to resolve this issue through a healthy consumption program called Water First for Thirst. The program is part of a statewide campaign to educate Ohioans about why water should be the first beverage of choice.

Mentoring, Scholarship Help LASER Provide a Path for Latino Students

In high school, Frederick Aldama saw many of his Latino friends headed down self-destructive paths. He believes if it wasn't for his mother, and a reminder that he is capable of making it to college, his life would have turned out much differently. Now, as an Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor and University Distinguished Scholar, he hopes to instill that reminder he once received into Latino and Latina students in Columbus through the LASER program at Ohio State.

Serving an Invisible Population

There are more than 1,500 homeless youth living on the streets of central Ohio, with few targeted services existing for them. Star House, the nation’s only research-based drop-in center, works to pull these young people from the fringes of society, writes founder Natasha Slesnick, a professor in the College of Education and Human Ecology. “When our most vulnerable communities thrive, our entire society thrives,” she says.

Speech and Hearing Students Improve Pre-K Literacy Scores

Graduate students and staff from the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic partnered with Hilltop Preschool in an on-site, pre-K literacy intervention program to improve reading/comprehension levels and build a better support system for parents and teachers. The results? After 11 weeks, 89 percent of students demonstrated higher literacy scores.booth to be designed as part of a public art project downtown.

South African Clinical Pharmacists Train at OSU in Transatlantic Partnership

Natalie Schellack, associate professor in the Department of Pharmacy at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University in South Africa along with Delyne Subrayen, a ward pharmacist for a private sector South African hospital, Netcare Sunward Park Hospital, visited Ohio State in late October to discuss their progress with the South African Antibiotic Stewardship Program: a partnership with South African pharmacists and physicians and Ohio State. Debra Goff, associate professor of pharmacy and infectious disease specialist, started the program in 2013 to help improve antibiotic stewardship--the correct and effective prescription of antibiotics--in South Africa.

Who’s Who in Black Columbus Honors Ohio State Faculty and Staff

More than 50 Ohio State faculty and staff were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in the 13th edition of Who’s Who in Black Columbus. At the event in the Ohio Union’s Archie Griffin Ballroom on Oct. 27, President Michael V. Drake provided congratulatory remarks via a video message, Provost Joseph E. Steinmetz welcomed the audience on behalf of the university, and Vice Provost for Diversity Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer Sharon Davies provided remarks to the attendees. Students and alumni from the OSU African American Voices Choir performed selections as well.

BPCRC Engages through Exhibit, Education

Mysteries in Ice, an interactive exhibition on polar exploration at the Thompson Library through Jan. 3, is a part of the 25th anniversary of the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center Archival Program, which collects, preserves and provides access to historical documents concerned with polar exploration and research. The exhibit is an extension of BPCRC’s education and outreach program that engages the community through facility tours, school visits, film screenings, and workshops.

Impact Grant Funding Opportunities

Impact Grants (up to $60,000) support collaborative faculty teaching and research activities across a broad spectrum of academic interests focused on addressing compelling 21st century societal challenges and opportunities. Grants will fund diverse interdisciplinary university teams working together with public/private sector partners in mutually beneficial exchanges of knowledge to create impact leading to sustainable lasting change.

Inspired Design: Ohio State Teams Up for Public Art Project

What if you could take a mundane structure and make it more eye-catching and pleasant for the people who work there? That was the challenge before Ohio State faculty members as they worked on Coney Island, the first parking lot attendant booth to be designed as part of a public art project downtown.

Ohio Land Exchange Program to Help Shrinking Ohio Cities

In the 1800s, during the Industrial Revolution, there was not enough space. Dense populations swarmed into cities hoping to get a piece of the American Dream. In response to these growing cities, land was strategically mapped out to accommodate large amounts of people, and even more land was planned out when those people started their own businesses. But what happens when the opposite occurs? What happens when people pack up and leave these cities, abandoning their land and structures previously used to house their businesses? The Ohio Land Exchange plans to address exactly that. Starting with Lima, Ohio, the program hopes to encourage stake-holders, like Head Start Lima, interested in more space to negotiate and share structures in the city, and ultimately turn those tax deficiencies into productive lands.

Girls Circle Project Hopes to Empower Young Girls

Anna Lunsford grew up with her father and brother. She played with boys’ toys and didn’t have many girl friends, or a strong female figure to look up to. Now, she is hoping to be that role model for young girls in Columbus as a part of the Girls Circle Project at Ohio State.

Ghana Sustainable Change Program Aims to “Do Something Real”

Imagine wandering around in the jungles of West Africa searching for water. For Kimberly Burton, assistant professor of practice in the Knowlton School's City and Regional Planning Section and the program coordinator for Ghana Sustainable Change, that's just a part of her job. "We went out, not just into the rural villages, but actually out to the jungle where many people get their water sources, and got to test some of the streams," Burton said. "I was in the middle of one of the hikes, and I texted my friends and family ... 'I'm hiking in the jungle looking for's the coolest thing ever.' It was awesome."

Positive Economic Impact in Appalachia

Over the course of a decade, the Endeavor Center has helped local businesses create more than 2,500 jobs and retain 10,000 more, adding to the local community almost $200 million of direct economic activity, which is significant in this part of the state. Our clients have been able to claim more than $110 million in sales increases and over $87 million in capital infusion, which includes loans approved, grants obtained and other funding opportunities.

One Health Initiative Combats Infectious Diseases in Ethiopia

Leadership abounds across Ohio State, with faculty, staff and students throughout the university taking ownership of addressing a wide-variety of society’s challenges. One great example is the group conducting the Ohio State-Ethiopia One Health initiative, which connects Ohio State to Ethiopian institutions, including the University of Gondar, Addis Ababa University, the Ethiopian Public Health Institute and other local and regional partners, in an effort to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and build capacity for the healthcare workforce both in Ethiopia and with Ohio State students.

Summer Research Program Introduces Undergrads to the Science of Language

A group of undergraduate students from select colleges and universities around the country are learning the principles and practices of scientific research through an intensive summer research program developed by Ohio State.

Filling a Mutual Need: Creating a Teaching and Learning Center

The Columbus Community Teaching and Learning Center began June 1, 2015 offering students, teachers, university faculty and community partners a centralized and accessible space to learn and teach alongside one another. The center was created through a partnership among the Department of Teaching and Learning, Columbus City Schools and Graham Family of Schools.

Inside-Out Course Inspires Students Through Community-Based Learning

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” - As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen. This quote comes from an essay by a British philosophical writer who is known as one of the founders of the self-help movement. More than 100 years after the essay was published, the same quote was typed out in bright red lettering in the PowerPoint presentation of a former prisoner telling college students about how higher education had helped change his life. The higher education experience that he cited as helping him the most was called Corrections: an Inside-Out Course. It is an Ohio State class where students visit the Southeastern Correctional Institute once each week and take a class together with people who are incarcerated.

On the Road with the 2015 Roads Scholars Tour

The Roads Scholars Tour, a two-day, traveling seminar led by the Office of Outreach and Engagement, took more than 50 faculty, community partners and administrators to northeast Ohio on July 21-22 to meet community partners, tour sites where the university has key partnerships, and see first-hand the reach and impact that teaching, research and engagement collaborations have on communities and residents across the state. Starting at the Havener Eye Institute near the Columbus campus, exploring industrial partnerships at Next Generation Films and ArcelorMittal and culminating with a visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art, day one of this year’s tour highlighted some of Ohio State’s many vital connections with health care, industry and the arts. On day two, the tour ventured through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, took a look at service-learning courses at the University of Akron and concluded with a stop at Ohio State’s Wooster campus to learn more about the teaching, research and engagement taking place there.

Search Committee Announced for Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement

The committee members of a national search for the Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement have been announced. Vice Provost and Director of University Libraries Carol P. Diedrichs has agreed to serve as the committee’s chair.

Moms2B Builds Community through Education, Support

There is a circle of about 20 women sitting on folding chairs in the well-lit basement of the Grace Missionary Baptist Church on a Wednesday morning. They are not praying, but they are lifting each other up in their own way. They are all there together as part of Moms2B, a program with the goal of reducing infant mortality rates in low-income areas by providing expecting mothers with education on health and nutrition as well as clinical and social support through each baby’s first year of life.

Program Helps Area Youth Take Food from Garden to Table

Getting elementary school children to trade in their pop tart or other junk food for something nutritious like a kohlrabi fritter and a side of greens is a tough sell, but that’s exactly what they are doing through the Highland Youth Garden Chefs in the City outreach program.

Creating Scientific Thinkers

Ohio State’s Department of Physics, Center for Emergent Materials and College of Arts and Sciences have partnered with Innis Elementary School, presently under Academic Emergency, to motivate the next generation of scientific thinkers from parts of our society that are often underrepresented in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines.

Engineering Program Brings Creativity to K-12 Students

Reach out to 10,250 students in 79 different schools, and show every one of them that they can be something that they may never have imagined being. Do this for seven years, holding the attention of students from kindergarten to 12th grade and giving them hands-on projects that open their minds to what they can accomplish in their lives. Who does this? Betty Lise Anderson is a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. She founded the K-12 Engineering Outreach program in 2008 and recently won the highest university award for community engagement, the University Outreach and Engagement Award.

LiFE Sports Youth Leadership Academy Teaches Work, Life Skills

The LiFE Sports Youth Leadership Academy, now in its second year, is a leadership development program dedicated to preparing LiFE Sports youth, ages 15-18, for college and future careers. The Leadership Academy seeks to expand on the important skills taught at LiFE Sports (i.e., S.E.T.S – self-control, teamwork, effort, and social responsibility) by providing older youth with additional education and work experiences that will help them gain the necessary skills to succeed at work and in life. The Youth Leadership Academy is comprised of three phases; the Skills Phase, the Success Phase, and the Culminating Event. Each phase is targeted at a different skill-set that builds upon the previous phase. Two returning participants in the LiFE Sports Youth Leadership Academy, Savon Banks and Kyrianne Stanton, recently shared their thoughts about the academy.

First Bold Booth Now Operational in Downtown Columbus

The first of five dynamic parking lot attendant booths that transform the mundane into public art is now open. Titled Coney Island, the first booth is located in the parking lot of The Westin Columbus–Great Southern Hotel in downtown Columbus just east of the corner of South High and East Main streets. The Bold Booths project combines art and function in one-of-a-kind installations unique to Columbus, Ohio. This pioneering project is an extension of Finding Time: ColumbusPublicArt2012. The innovative parking attendant booths will not only provide shelter for attendants, but will spark community dialogue about the role design plays in expanding the social capital within the city. Coney Island was designed by Blostein/Overly Architects, and the name is an homage to the legendary Southern Theatre.

Patterson Lecture, More Events Highlighted Celebration of Outreach and Engagement on May 6

The Ohio State University will be celebrating community partnerships and collaborations on May 6 with a day full of events in the Archie Griffin Ballroom at the Ohio Union. Events include: The University Outreach and Engagement Recognition Awards The Patterson Lecture featuring President Michael V. Drake The Outreach and Engagement Forum The Albert Schweitzer Fellows Celebration of Service

Perfect Alignment

The College of Dentistry’s Health Outreach Mobile Experience (HOME) Coach program serves nearly 2,500 children each year, mostly in Columbus City Schools. Fourth-year dental students and dental assistants provide care at 25 to 30 schools each year under the supervision of faculty and postdoctoral fellows.

2015 Engagement Impact Grant Recipients

Improving vacant land management, partnering with industry to advance careers in science, enhancing green-home technology, STEM education, and improving services for aging citizens and individuals with traumatic brain injuries are compelling challenges that 2015 Engagement Impact Grant recipients will focus on. These grants, awarded by the Office of Outreach and Engagement, promote application of innovative and creative scholarship to address important societal challenges that lead to transformational change.

Outreach and Engagement Recognition Awards Announced

The Outreach and Engagement Recognition Awards honor faculty, staff, and students for outstanding achievement in partnership with Ohio State’s local, national and international community partners. Recipients include the K-12 Engineering Outreach (Distinguished Community Engagement), the Haiti Empowerment Project (Distinguished International Engagement), and Corrections: An Inside Out Course (Distinguished Service-Learning). All awardees will be recognized at a ceremony on May 1 at 10:30 a.m. in the Ohio Union Archie Griffin Ballroom prior to the Patterson Lecture.

Bringing a Distance Learning Model to Ethiopia

As Ohio State continues to build inroads with partners in Ethiopia, a team of educators and distance learning professionals are helping to build a superhighway, explains Nicole Kraft, assistant professor of communication.

Deep Connections to the Land

OSU Extension educators Nanette Neal and Heather Neikirk discuss how Ohio State supports the ever-growing population of women in agriculture.

Watch: President Drake at 2015 Patterson Lecture

The 12th Annual James F. Patterson Land-Grant University Lecture will feature President Michael V. Drake on May 6 starting at 11:45. Dr. Drake became the 15th president of The Ohio State University on June 30, 2014, following three decades of service as a higher education leader with the University of California. From July 2005 – June 2014, Dr. Drake served as chancellor of the University of California, Irvine. He also served as a Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology (School of Medicine) and Education (School of Education).

Project Shows Troubled Youth that Education is Within Reach

In real life, there’s no such thing as a “get out of jail free” card, such as you find in Monopoly. However, a group of boys — inmates at the Circleville Juvenile Correctional Facility — learned recently that a “get a college education” ticket is well within their reach. Ohio State’s Center for Higher Education Enterprise (CHEE) hosted the boys, accompanied by five staff members from the Ohio Department of Youth Services, for a day on campus in mid-December, mixing business with pleasure (think OSU men’s basketball) and serving up a slice of college life.

Carnegie Foundation Recognizes Ohio State for Community Engagement

Ohio State has earned the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching’s 2015 Community Engagement Classification. The university was recognized for its extensive engagement programming and how its mission, culture, curriculum and resources are structured to support high-impact community engagement. It is the second time Ohio State has earned this important designation with the first coming in 2008. Ohio State’s newly received classification will run through 2025.

Giving At-risk Children a Shot at Success

Ohio State secures $16.5M federal grant to provide comprehensive family support during babies’ and toddlers’ formative years

A Gift of Care in Liberia

For nearly two years, alumni Jen and Steve Butwill have focused on the medical needs of a small Liberian village. Now, the Ebola epidemic is creating new challenges.

Preserving Diversity in the Southside Revitalization

In neighborhoods of steep economic and racial diversity, such as Columbus’ Southside, divides between the wealthy and impoverished can cause certain demographics to get pushed elsewhere during times of revitalization. With the City of Columbus and Nationwide Children’s Hospital putting forth efforts to restore dilapidated areas of the Southside to their former glory, the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Ohio State has partnered alongside them to help preserve the treasured diversity that the Southside has cultivated.

Hands-On Helping: Center Integrates Education, Outreach

The new Humanitarian Engineering Center aims to educate service-minded engineers, while accelerating the College of Engineering’s efforts to create solutions for people in need and empower sustainable development at home and abroad. It will coordinate multiple initiatives, including courses, service projects, the humanitarian engineering minor and study abroad experiences. Members also conduct advanced research to develop novel, needs-driven solutions and disseminate those research results widely.

All Hail, Hale Hall: Honoring the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, Chief Diversity Officer Valerie Lee shares experiences from her youth in the turbulent 1960s and the importance of Ohio State’s Hale Black Cultural Center: "Situated on an Underground Railroad site, Hale Hall stands as a physical commitment to access and inclusive excellence."

Emerging Diseases Linked to Antibiotic Resistant Organisms

Alarming increases in antibiotic-resistant organisms have led the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control to declare a global health disaster, and some members of Ohio State's faculty are doing their part to combat these "superbugs."

Schweitzer Fellows Engage Communities to Improve Health

T.M. Ayodele Adesanya, a MD-PhD student in biomedical sciences, had a passion for the kids at Champion Middle School on the Near East Side of Columbus after learning in 2010 that the state declared it to be the most underperforming middle school in Ohio. The Columbus-Athens Albert Schweitzer Fellows program (ASF), a year-long fellowship in which graduate and professional students design and implement community engagement projects, gave him an opportunity to help.

New Mobile Coach Brings Dental Care to Columbus School Children

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry has launched a new, 45-foot dental Health Outreach Mobile Experience (H.O.M.E.) Coach. Funded by the Delta Dental Foundation, the mobile dental clinic brings dentists and dental treatment to children at Columbus City schools during regular classroom hours. “Oral health is the number one unmet health care need for Ohio's children and at risk populations,” said Dr. Canise Bean, community outreach and education director at the College of Dentistry. “The H.O.M.E. Coach program, which was initiated in 2005, helps bridge this gap by providing oral health care and education to underserved children in Columbus and surrounding communities.”

Ohio State Ethiopia Completes Successful Summer Institute

The Ohio State Ethiopia One Health Initiative concluded another successful summer program this year. Partnering with Addis Ababa University and the University of Gondar, Ohio State worked with 19 Ethiopian and U.S. institutes to improve health, build capacity and provide learning opportunities for Ethiopian and Ohio State students. During the 2014 One Health Summer Institute in Ethiopia, 26 faculty and 32 students from more than 10 Ohio State units participated.

Family-Centered Community Change in Weinland Park

This summer the Annie E. Casey Foundation had a chance to interact and record residents of Weinland Park on the essence, culture and future of their neighborhood as part of the Family-Centered Community Change (FCCC) partnership. Weinland Park is one of three neighborhoods where the foundation is partnering with a local community change initiative focused on transforming the neighborhood into a place where kids and families thrive.

Bruns Inducted as Inaugural Member of Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship

Congratulations to Karen Bruns, who on Oct. 7 was inducted as one of the 14 inaugural members of the Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship (ACES) at the 2014 Engagement Scholarship Consortium meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Bruns is the assistant director of OSU Extension’s Family and Consumer Sciences program and is the leader of OSU CARES. Bruns “is a grounded servant leader of community engagement scholarship and is a major leader strengthening the movement,” the academy’s website says. “She consistently and courageously endorses and models community engagement scholarship across the structural silos of higher education and within communities. Her team successes provide the foundation for ACES.”

Ohio State at the Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference

Ohio State faculty, staff, students and community partners made 17 presentations on their engagement programs at the Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference Oct. 7-8 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. More than 25 members of the Ohio State community were in attendance at the conference, which was hosted by the University of Alberta.

Language Sciences Come to Life at COSI

Combining the natural interest many people have in language with engaging hands-on experiments has been a winning formula for the Language Sciences Pod - one of three pods that comprise the Labs in Life exhibit, a partnership between Ohio State and COSI that provides the public with a chance to watch and participate in real research as it happens.

The Arts Come Alive

It’s doubly fitting that the 25th anniversary exhibition at the Wexner Center for the Arts is titled Transfigurations. Transfigurations includes works of Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti and Jean Dubuffet, among other significant 20th-century artists who are part of Leslie and Abigail Wexner’s personal collection. It so happens that right across the plaza from the Wexner Center, Ohio State’s academic arts program is celebrating a transfiguration of its own. On the same weekend Transfigurations opens at the Wex, there will be a ribbon-cutting and more festive celebration for the grand re-opening of the spectacularly renovated Sullivant Hall.

Forget Cat Photos: This Prof Is Making Calculus Go Viral

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Jim Fowler was featured by Forbes for his popular calculus MOOC (massive open online course). Fowler’s first six-week course, Calculus One, attracted 35,000 active enrollees. Since then more than 110,000 additional students have started the 23-hour course, putting it in the top 3% of Coursera’s offerings.

Bold Booths Brings Art to Unexpected Places

Columbus residents can experience Short North's Gallery Hop on the first Saturday of every month, but soon they'll be able to interpret art every day of the week by simply driving through downtown. Through a project titled Bold Booths, a handful of Columbus' more banal buildings - five parking attendant booths - will be replaced with one-of-a-kind structures that will be unexpected yet practical pieces of public art. "There are a lot of conventions of public art, like murals and sculptures on plazas in front of buildings, but this is more unusual," said Malcolm Cochran, curator of the project, professor emeritus of Art, and a local sculptor whose work appears in Dublin and Goodale Park. "On all levels, these will be unique structures in terms of their locations, their functions and what they do for the occupants."

Ohio Teens Hit Money Management Jackpot with Real Money. Real World.

Groceries: $686. Car insurance: $77. Rent: $626. Knowing how to responsibly handle money: Priceless. As personal debt becomes a growing concern in Ohio and across the country, some Ohio teens may be able to avoid future financial burdens by completing the Ohio State Extension signature program, Real Money. Real World. The financial literacy program is designed for youth ages 13 – 16 and teaches students about the value of a dollar through a series of four preparatory classroom lessons, a hands-on spending simulation and a reflective follow-up lesson. It is in this simulation that Real Money. Real World. truly impacts its participants. Youth "spend" their monthly net salaries at 14 different booths manned by adult volunteers from their community.

Who’s Who in Black Columbus Honors Ohio State Faculty, Staff and Students

Nearly 60 Ohio State faculty, staff and students were among those recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in the 12th edition of Who’s Who in Black Columbus. Board of Trustees member Clark Kellogg wrote the foreword for this year’s publication. The cover unveiling ceremony took place in the Archie Griffin Ballroom at the Ohio Union on July 29. Prior to the ceremony, many of the faculty, staff and students in this year’s publication gathered for a reception. Congratulations to all of our representatives!

On the Road with the Roads Scholars Tour

The Roads Scholars Tour, a two-day, traveling seminar led by the Office of Outreach and Engagement, took more than 40 faculty to northeast Ohio on July 22-23 to meet community partners, tour sites where the university has key partnerships, and see first-hand the reach and impact that teaching, research and engagement collaborations have on communities and residents across the state. Beginning at Ohio Stadium, the group traveled to the Ohio State Mansfield campus, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Goodyear headquarters and the Ohio State Wooster campus.

Dining with Diabetes Program Promotes Healthy Living

Dan Remley was a junior at Miami University (Ohio) when doctors broke a piece of news to him that changed his life forever: he had Type 1 diabetes. With the onset of Type 1, Remley's body became unable to produce insulin – the required chemical for the absorption of sugar for energy – and he had to figure out how to diligently manage the disease. Now an assistant professor and field specialist in Food, Nutrition and Wellness at Ohio State, Remley has partnered with OSU Extension's signature program, Dining with Diabetes, to help fellow diabetics. A total of nearly 1.1 million Ohioans live with diabetes, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention – a population large enough to fill Ohio Stadium more than 10 times – and many are unsure where to begin in terms of properly managing it, but that's where the program comes in.

WiE Program Encourages Girls in STEM Studies

They may look like little girls playing with Legos, but Shivani Patel knows the youngsters in the Women in Engineering’s (WiE) robotics outreach initiative could be the engineers of the next generation. “These girls have developed technical skills that you don’t expect from a 12-year-old,” said Patel, a fifth-year in engineering and a coach and mentor with the WiE program. Members of the WiE TECHie team pose with their research project on hurricanes after the regional FIRST Lego League competition in June. (Photo courtesy of Shawna Fletcher) Members of the WiE TECHie team pose with their research project on hurricanes after the regional FIRST Lego League competition in June. (Photo courtesy of Shawna Fletcher) The robotics initiative allowed WiE to team up with local schools and partners to teach fourth- through eighth-grade students about science and technology by participating in the FIRST Lego League (FLL) robotics program. Shawna Fletcher, WiE interim director, said the majority of the participants at FLL competitions are boys, but four out of the five Ohio State teams were all-girl. She said it’s important to show these girls at an early age that they are capable of going into STEM fields.

LiFE Sports Helps Campers Develop Skills for a Lifetime

It’s the thrill of athletics that attracts them to campus. But it’s the less glamorous skills they learn — self-control, personal motivation/commitment, teamwork and social responsibility — that keep them coming back from year to year. Ohio State’s LiFE Sports (Learning in Fitness and Education through Sports) Initiative is the second-largest program of its kind in the country, with more than 650 local youth served each year. While the one-month summer camp, held this year June 9-July 3, serves as the flagship program, the LiFE Sports Initiative also involves year-round teaching and research opportunities.

Dental H.O.M.E. Coach Brings Care to the Community

For the 19 percent of Ohio children without dental insurance, Ohio State has one program that will make many of them smile. The Ohio State University’s Dental H.O.M.E. (Health Outreach Mobile Experience) Coach, a dental office in an RV, travels to various Columbus City Schools throughout the year to provide dental exams, X-rays, diagnoses, cleanings and extractions to the underserved youngsters of Central Ohio – free of charge.

Moms2B Program Helps New and Expectant Moms Get Children Off on the Right Foot

Sharonda Avant has three precious reasons for believing in the power of the Moms2B Ohio State outreach program. Several months before giving birth to triplets in June 2013 in the Wexner Medical Center, she registered in the program and learned to maintain a healthy pregnancy through proper nutrition and health care. “Without Moms2B, I probably would not have made it this far with the triplets,” she said. After they were born, she learned about parenting and planning nutritious meals on a budget. The program changed her way of thinking about cooking and shopping.

Ohio State Students Earn First Place in National EcoCAR 2 Competition

The Ohio State team took first place in EcoCAR 2: Plugging In to the Future, a three-year competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, General Motors and 30 other government and industry leaders. The award included $32,000 in cash prizes. The national competition, managed by Argonne National Laboratory, gives students real-world automotive engineering experience, while striving to improve the environmental impact and energy efficiency of an already highly-efficient vehicle.

Weinland Park Story Book

In the summer of 2013, a group of teenagers and an educator from the Wexner Center for the Arts spread out across a low-income neighborhood just a few blocks from the Ohio State campus. They fought through rain, sunburn and blistered feet to gather community members’ stories about life during a time of transition and turned it into art: the “Weinland Park Story Book.”

Ask a Nurse. In a Barbershop. About Your Health. Yes, You Can.

It’s common to hear the banter of the day’s events or latest gossip pass among the patrons of A Cut Above the Rest barbershop on the Near East Side. But every other week between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., there is a conversation shift — about blood pressure, healthful lifestyle habits and how best to engage with the health system — with faculty and students from Ohio State’s College of Nursing.

Watch the Patterson Lecture featuring C. Peter Magrath

The 11th Annual James F. Patterson Land-Grant University Lecture will feature Dr. C. Peter Magrath on May 1, 2014 from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the Ohio Union, Archie Griffin West Ballroom. Dr. Magrath was president of the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grand Colleges (NASULGC), now the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU), from 1992-2005.

2014 Outreach and Engagement Forum

The 2nd Annual Outreach and Engagement Forum will took place on May 1 from 1 – 3 p.m. in the Ohio Union Archie Griffin Ballroom. The Forum featured posters from 130 outreach and engagement programs from across the university and community.

May 1 O&E Events Recap

On May 1, Ohio State celebrated outreach and engagement with a series of events - the Recognition Awards Ceremony, the Patterson Lecture, the Outreach and Engagement Forum, and the Schweitzer Fellowship Celebration of Service.

Outreach and Engagement Grants Awarded

The Engagement Impact Grant program supports the application of innovative and creative scholarship to address important societal challenges and fulfills Ohio State’s land-grant university commitment to public service by partnering with communities to address challenges of local, national and global significance. This year, seven programs received Engagement Impact Grant funding totaling $300,000.

Extension Marks Centennial and Looks to the Future

As OSU Extension celebrates the 100th anniversary of the nation’s Cooperative Extension Service today (5/8), its leaders hope the occasion provides the opportunity to broaden people’s understanding and awareness of what today’s Extension organization has to offer. With an office in every county, OSU Extension is the official outreach arm of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, with additional faculty and staff in the College of Education and Human Ecology and the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Endeavor Center Named Top Outreach Award Winner

Three programs at Ohio State were under consideration for the University Outreach and Engagement Award, OSU’s highest outreach award — but it was the Endeavor Center housed at OSU South Center in Piketon that will be the university’s nominee for the national C. Peter Magrath University Community Engagement Award next year. The award was presented Thursday (5/1) during the University Outreach and Engagement Recognition Awards program.

Endeavor Center Earns University Outreach and Engagement Award

The Outreach and Engagement Recognition Awards program recognizes faculty, staff, and students for outstanding achievement in partnership with Ohio State’s local, national and international community partners. This year’s recipients include the OSU Endeavor Center (Distinguished Community Engagement), Ohio Books for the World (Distinguished International Engagement), and Public Health in Action (Distinguished Service-Learning). All awardees will be recognized at a ceremony on May 1 at 10:30 a.m. in the Ohio Union Archie Griffin Ballroom prior to the Patterson Lecture.

Generation Rx Initiative Combats Prescription Drug Abuse

Unintentional drug poisoning is now the leading cause of accidental death in the country. On average, five people in Ohio and 100 across the U.S. die from these drug overdoses each day. The Generation Rx Initiative was created by the College of Pharmacy in 2007 to address this serious public health problem of prescription drug misuse and abuse.

Operation: Military Kids Supports Families Who Serve

The kids Theresa Ferrari sees at her numerous camps all laugh, run, jump, sing and play like any other children. But because they are all from military families their stressors are quite unique. Often one parent is raising the kids while the other is deployed. Sometimes both parents are deployed and a relative is designated acting parent. And then there are the families in which one parent is all that is left after the other died while serving.

'27,000 Years of Service' — And Counting

Thousands of volunteers serve as a lifeline for programs sponsored by the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. In OSU Extension’s 4-H Youth Development Program alone, more than 20,400 adults and nearly 5,000 youths volunteered in 2013. OSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteers total more than 3,500 in 62 counties throughout the state.

Engineering Outreach Inspires with Cool, Hands-On Projects

In grade school, teachers tell their students that the sky is the limit and that they have the capacity to change the world. One professor would argue that the sky isn’t the limit and that students can change the world around them, quite literally. Betty Anderson, electrical and computer engineering, thinks that the world needs a diverse community of engineers. She now leads Engineering Outreach, a program in the College of Engineering focused on building interest in female and minority students in 78 schools, after-school camps and STEM clubs in and around Columbus.

Watch Video: Schweitzer Fellowship

Jessica Jolly, an MPH student and MHA '13 grad, shares her experience with the Columbus-Athens Albert Schweitzer Fellowship program, and her project: the Centering Family Health Program.

OSU Ideas Become Companies with New Startup Funding

New funding mechanisms from Ohio State, TechColumbus and the state of Ohio are giving technology startup companies the legs they need to stand on. One project funded involves an energy efficient natural gas compressor that would be ideal to fill small- and medium-sized vehicles. Should this new compressor prove viable, it could use current durable hydraulic equipment that lasts tens of thousands of hours and could be installed in people’s homes using their existing gas lines.

One Health Partnership Expands in Ethiopia

Christine O’Malley, executive director of health sciences, was selected as a Fulbright Specialist for 2014 and is visiting the University of Gondar in Ethiopia Tuesday (2/25)-Friday (3/21), to work on her project, enhancing institutional communications capacity, as part of the Ohio State/Ethiopia One Health Partnership. The core project will train the communications and marketing team at the University of Gondar in digital strategies that incorporate branding, content, and social media.

How One Ohio County Responded to Shale Development

Local communities experiencing the shale oil and gas boom often realize early that they have little control in regulating that development. That authority lies at the state level. And there’s bound to be conflict among neighbors — winners, losers and concerned citizens — as shale development increases.

Ohio State Recognized for Excellence in International Initiatives

Ohio State has been selected to receive NAFSA’s Senator Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization, which recognizes institutions for overall excellence in internationalization efforts as evidenced through best practices in engagement, programming, curriculum/faculty development and outreach. NAFSA: Association of International Educators is the world’s largest nonprofit association dedicated to international education. The Simon Award is universally considered the most prestigious award for comprehensive internationalization in the U.S.

Ohio State Co-Founds High-Tech Manufacturing Institute

Ohio State, along with Columbus-based EWI and the University of Michigan, are co-founders of a consortium of universities, companies and nonprofits that will establish a $148 million high-tech manufacturing research institute, the White House announced this weekend. The American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute is expected to create 10,000 new jobs in the Midwest in the next five years in support of a rapidly expanding lightweight materials industry. ALMMII was created in response to a solicitation from the U.S. Navy that focused on lightweight and modern metals.

Mentorship Program Introduces Sixth Graders to Healthcare Professions

Having benefited from adult mentors throughout his life, Ayodele “Ayo” Adesanya, a College of Medicine student and Albert Schweitzer Fellow, wants to be sure students at Champion Middle School “accomplish their dreams and reach their fullest potentials.” Adesanya has implemented a program called Doctors in Science at the school. DiS exposes Champion Middle School sixth graders interested in science, medicine and dentistry to the healthcare professions through a longitudinal mentorship program.

CFAES Students Gain International Research Experience, and Much More

College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences students have been part of a research project in Senegal since summer 2013, sponsored by the National Science Foundation Division of Biology within the Partnerships for International Research and Education project. Richard Dick, professor of soil microbial ecology, School of Environment and Natural Resources directs the $2.6 million NSF PIRE project focusing on the Sahel where landscape degradation is causing desertification and seriously reducing food security.

Students Provide Free Tax Prep for Community

There aren’t many people who would pick tax season as one of their favorite times of the year. But a group of Ohio State students eagerly anticipates it as a chance to Pay Forward through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. By providing free tax preparation services to low- to moderate-income taxpayers, the students have helped put more than $7.7 million in tax refunds back in the pockets of local residents over the life of the program.

Student Research to Be Used to Investigate Impact of ACA

Robert Ashmead, a fifth-year doctoral student in the Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Biostatistics, has developed a new statistical estimation strategy that has important public health implications. The method, which he is developing as part of his dissertation research with biostatistics professor Bo Lu, will be used to investigate how the Affordable Care Act insurance expansion may impact the health status of Ohioans and the health system in Ohio, using data from the Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey.

Watch Video: LiFE Sports

The LiFE Sports program is much more than an ordinary summer camp. It enhances the quality of youth development, sport, and recreational programs through service and outreach, teaching and learning, and research, thereby increasing positive developmental outcomes for youth.

Chinese Flagship Students Called Upon for Expertise

All six 2013-15 Chinese Flagship Program graduate students — Mac Carr, Briun Greene, Tina Li, Mack Lorden, Nick Pochedly, and Joel Poncz — got an unexpected working vacation in early January, as guests of China’s Haier Corporation, the world’s most recognized brand of Chinese consumer electronics. Haier invited the entire Flagship Program to Las Vegas to advise them on marketing to American consumers at the Consumers Electronics Show — one of the major trade shows on the planet.

Witness to History: Nelson Mandela

Valerie Lee, Ohio State’s vice president for Outreach and Engagement, vice provost for Diversity and Inclusion and chief diversity officer, took a vacation to South Africa over the winter break. As it happened, the day she arrived was the day Nelson Mandela died, and she spent the next two weeks living an extended "teachable moment."

Ohio State Students Play Role of Engineering Elves

Students from the Green Engineering Scholars program — one of the 16 scholars programs at Ohio State that focuses on green engineering, innovation and social responsibility — teamed up with the nonprofit organization RePlay for Kids to adapt toys for children with disabilities. During a three-hour workshop in October, 40 scholars students adapted dozens of toys by adding switch mechanisms that make them easier for disabled children to enjoy. The scholars donated the toys to the Toy and Technology Library at Ohio State’s Nisonger Center and Katelyn’s Krusade, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting children with special developmental and medical needs.

Pathway to Food Safety

With an estimated 48 million illnesses, 128,000 hospitalizations, and 3,000 deaths, foodborne illness costs the nation $77.7 billion a year, and research indicates that restaurants and other food service outlets are responsible for 7 in 10 outbreaks. OSU Extension is providing the training that food servers need to prevent such outbreaks. In 2011, more than 14,000 public food servers such as those who work in restaurants, schools, hospitals, childcare centers, and nursing homes were taught to avoid cross contamination, and to measure and log food temperatures from delivery and storage to cooking, holding, cooling, and reheating. OSU Extension is teaming up with the Ohio Grocers Foundation to update the Pathway to Food Safety training offered to deli workers and other grocery store staff.

Ohio State Helps Cleveland Browns Become Greener

Their official colors may be brown, orange, scarlet and gray, but the Cleveland Browns and Ohio State have united with a common goal in mind: make things greener. Ohio State's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences is one of several partners working with the National Football League team to turn food waste generated at FirstEnergy Stadium into renewable energy and organic fertilizer.

Doctoral Student Empowers Children to Skip and Jump for Health

Almost one million preschoolers could live healthier lives, thanks to research by Ali Brian, a kinesiology doctoral student in the Department of Human Sciences. She is determining if preschool teachers can effectively teach fundamental motor skills to the more than 900,000 children enrolled in U.S. Head Start programs.

Schweitzer Fellows Help Adults Living with Mental Illness

Schweitzer Fellow Samantha Sanderson’s knows firsthand about the difficulties of living with mental illness: both of her parents have psychiatric diagnoses and they faced challenges in their community in part due to societal stigma about mental illness. Schweitzer Fellow Samantha Lavach also saw the effects of stigma early on in her work with people with mental illness—including her own incorrect beliefs and assumptions about this population.

Alumna Uses Public Health Education to Help Children, Elderly in Guatemala

Amy Petrocy is surrounded by children when she goes to work at a preschool, but even when she goes back to her office she continues to have children within arm’s reach while working at her computer. Petrocy, ’13 Master of Public Health alumna, works for a non-governmental organization called Mayan Families, for which she helps to develop, monitor and evaluate nutrition programs in Guatemala.

The OHIO Project Gives Dental Students Real-World Experience

Making the leap from the classroom to the real world is a daunting transition faced by new graduates everywhere, regardless of their profession. Ohio State College of Dentistry alumni are helping ease the transition by providing soon-to-be graduates with real-world experience in tandem with their classroom curriculum.

A Force for Change

With the help of a group of eager middle school and high school students from Linden McKinley STEM Academy, Melissa Crum is creating a neighborhood profile and documentary film about the South Linden area, just east of Ohio State. “I want the students to dive into their project, their particular theme, and look at it from all angles,” said Crum, a PhD candidate in the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy. “The goal is to help them learn some critical thinking skills. I hope it brings awareness to young people that they have the ability to create change—even when people tell them they can’t. They are African-American kids in a low-income neighborhood, in an area that gets bad press all the time. What happens when they take the initiative to create change and find they are capable of doing just that?”

Full Steam Ahead

Mathematician Roman Holowinsky, STEAM Factory chair and cofounder, has a natural facility for pulling people and ideas together. He and his colleagues are forming networks and exploring research collaborations and partnerships across disciplines campus-wide. “We recognize the benefits of approaching problems and developing projects together,” Holowinsky said. “Our efforts to combine the knowledge, experience, and resources of the STEAM Factory’s core committee, members, and collaborators advances discovery and innovation by connecting the innate creative drive that propels each of our research areas forward. “Everyone involved contributes positively to our development, including the greater Columbus community. We’re constantly looking to build new relationships and bridge gaps.”

Rosa Parks Tribute Events, Dec. 5-6

The Ohio State University, the Central Ohio Transit Authority and Rosa Parks Day Founder, Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, present Ohio’s ninth annual Statewide Tribute to Rosa Parks, “The Power of One,” Dec. 5-6 at COSI Columbus, 333 W. Broad St., and the Capitol Theatre at the Vern Riffe Center, 77 S. High St.

When It Comes to Inclusion, Ohio State’s Lee All In

Dr. Valerie Lee is determined to make diversity a verb, not just a noun. As chief diversity officer, vice provost for diversity and inclusion and vice president for outreach and engagement at Ohio State University, Lee manages one of the largest — if not the largest — diversity departments in all of higher education with more than 88 full-time staff members. As part of her commitment to total inclusion, Lee has a comprehensive strategy to move to a “one university model,” moving students, staff and faculty “from silos to solidarity.”

Student's Service Impacts Community, Earns Award

Nicole Sillaman, an MBA for Working Professionals student and recipient of a prestigious Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, was awarded the 2013-2014 Dress for Success Columbus Sisterhood Award for her leadership role in developing an innovative mentorship program. Sillaman’s project, launched in September in conjunction with the Schweitzer Fellow mission to help develop leaders in service, provides career mentorship to unemployed and low-income women along with health, wellness, and financial insights and programming. Called the Women2Women Mentoring Program, Sillaman’s award-winning initiative works in partnership with the nonprofit organization Dress for Success Columbus.

Young Scholars Program Wins Magrath Award

The Young Scholars Program(YSP) has won the 2013 C. Peter Magrath University Community Engagement Award, considered one of the highest honors a community engagement program can earn. YSP was one of four national finalists for the Magrath Award, which is presented annually by the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities. The award includes a $20,000 stipend and trophy.

The Science of Language: Outreach at COSI

Shari Speer, professor and chair, linguistics, along with Laura Wagner, associate professor, psychology, and Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, assistant professor, linguistics, were awarded a $60,000 Engagement Impact Grant from Ohio State's Office of University Outreach and Engagement for their project, The Science of Language: Using Language Sciences to Promote Science Education at COSI. Partners on this project include the College of Arts and Sciences and the Center of Science and Industry (COSI).

Student-Philanthropists Pay It Forward in Marion

Students are helping to change lives through the Pay It Forward Marion (PIFM) program, which promotes civic engagement in English courses and works with the local community through service and philanthropy. "Watching students become truly engaged with community organizations and wanting to give back, and observing how invested they become in the process of philanthropy, has been very exciting," said Stuart Lishan, associate professor of English and PIFM's lead investigator. "Students become passionate about writing in large part because, in a program like this, they see that it has consequences."

Public Health Student Directs Implementation of Ohio’s First In-School Dental Clinic

Paul Rudolph, a student in the College of Public Health’s Program for Experienced Professionals, played a vital role in the opening of the first self-sustaining, in-school dental clinic in Ohio. The three-chair Delta Dental Center at Oyler School in Cincinnati officially opened at the end of September. “It’s a unique experience for me as a PEP student, because it’s like I’m getting a Master of Public Health degree in the classroom and in real life,” Rudolph said. “It’s really helpful to be able to apply what I’m learning inside and outside of the classroom simultaneously. I focus a lot of my school projects on the work I’m doing here.”

University Recognized for Spurring Economic Development

Ohio State was one of 16 schools to earn the inaugural designation of “Innovation and Economic Prosperity Universities,” by the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities. The new designation acknowledges universities working with public and private sector partners in their states and regions to support economic development through a variety of activities, including innovation and entrepreneurship, technology transfer, talent and workforce development and community development.

Student Life's BuckeyeREACH Program Recognized

Student Life's BuckeyeREACH program, led by Patricia Cunningham, Student Life’s director of social change, has won a ServeOhio award as the state's Outstanding Volunteer Group. The program pairs Ohio State students with youth at the Circleville Juvenile Correctional Facility, allowing the young offenders to imagine a different life upon their release from the facility. The award will be presented later this month at the Ohio Conference on Service and Volunteerism in the Ohio Union.

Ohio State Receives Green Power Partner of the Year Award from U.S. EPA

Ohio State is one of only four organizations nationwide to be chosen as a Green Power Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The award recognizes EPA Green Power Partners who distinguish themselves through their purchase, leadership, overall strategy, and impact on the green power market. Ohio State is projected to receive 141 million kilowatt-hours of wind energy annually, which is enough green power to meet 25 percent of the university’s overall electricity use.

Not Your Parents' Classroom

Three College of Public Health professors, Amy Acton, Haikady Nagaraja, and Randi Love, have taken non-traditional approaches to teaching public health. “There is nothing humanizing about being lectured at in a giant lecture hall,” said Acton, clinical assistant professor of epidemiology in the College of Public Health. These professors have found ways to engage students inside and outside the classroom through the creation of a collaborative e-textbook, a course taught in India, and a local, community field-based course.

OSU Extension, Ohio Saves Team Up

More than half of Americans don't have an emergency fund, and only 37 percent have tried to figure out their retirement savings needs. Betsy DeMatteo, an OSU Extension educator in family and consumer sciences, is coordinating the effort behind Ohio Saves, a statewide campaign to encourage people to save money, pay down debt and build wealth. OSU Extension is the outreach arm of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

Who's Who in Black Columbus 2013 Celebrates Achievement

Nearly 50 Ohio State faculty, staff and students are recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in the 11th edition of Who's Who in Black Columbus. The cover unveiling ceremony took place in the Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom at the Ohio Union on July 15, 2013.

Hope for the Hilltop - Ohio State Partnering in the Shalom Zone

The west side of Columbus is one of the oldest areas of town, with a complicated history of wealthy industrialists, a Civil War Confederate prison camp and the state’s former insane asylum. But the Hilltop, named because the neighborhood sits on the highest ground in the area, has fallen on hard times, as homes and buildings have aged and blue-collar industries shut down.

A Living Lab for Woodland Stewards

Armed with tree-identification booklets, 30 area woodland owners spent a recent afternoon practicing what they learned in an outdoor living laboratory at the OSU Mansfield campus. “It’s unique to have that kind of opportunity,” said Kathy Smith, OSU Extension program director – Forestry. “When we do classes around the state, it’s always a struggle to find a nice classroom space that you can just walk outside and have that natural lab right there.”

College of Nursing Receives Community Grant to Engage Local Residents in Health and Wellness

The Ohio State University College of Nursing and Making a Difference, Inc. have teamed up to win a $60,000 dollar grant from The Ohio State University Office of Outreach and Engagement to address health disparities by implementing a comprehensive community health and wellness program in a Near East Side neighborhood of Columbus.

Full Steam Ahead: Ohio State's STEAM Factory Gets Boost

The Ohio State University College of Nursing and Making a Difference, Inc. have teamed up to win a $60,000 dollar grant from The Ohio State University Office of Outreach and Engagement to address health disparities by implementing a comprehensive community health and wellness program in a Near East Side neighborhood of Columbus.

Impact Grant Helps Create Community Forums on Health

Erik Nisbet, assistant professor, communication, was awarded a $45,000 2013 Engagement Impact Grant from the Office of Outreach and Engagement for his project, Health Science Frontiers: Advancing Public Engagement. Nesbit’s project addresses community needs around health science literacy by hosting up to eight televised public engagement forums in the WOSU@COSI studio beginning fall 2013 and continuing through spring 2015.

Young Scholars Program Finalist for National Community Engagement Award

The Young Scholars Program (YSP) has received the 2013 North Central region Outreach Scholarship W.K. Kellogg Foundation Engagement Award, which makes The Ohio State University one of four finalists for the national C. Peter Magrath University Community Engagement Award from the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU). The award recognizes programs that demonstrate how colleges and universities have redesigned their learning, discovery, and engagement missions to become even more involved with their communities.

Into Africa: Ohio State Partners with Ethiopia on Major Health Initiative

In a country where cervical cancer kills thousands of women each year and rabid dogs endanger the human population, there is plenty of will, and even money, to fix these problems, but not enough trained people to do it. Those facts concerning Ethiopia are about to change. The African nation has partnered with Ohio State to chart a course for a new and healthier future for Ethiopians, and potentially for citizens in neighboring African countries.

OSU Mansfield's Wooded Campus Transforming into 'Living Laboratory'

The 640 acres of woodlands on the campus at Ohio State Mansfield have gone largely unused through the years. But that's changing now that the Ohio Woodlands Stewards program is based there — an educational outreach of OSU Extension and the School of Environment and Natural Resources. Now the campus is being described as a woodlands version of Stone Laboratory, OSU's freshwater field station on Lake Erie.

Ohio State Students Work with the City of Columbus to Implement Sustainability Initiative

This summer several Ohio State students are interning with the city of Columbus in the Environmental Steward’s Office, a division of the Mayor’s Office, to help the city improve sustainability in Ohio’s capital. The students are tasked with helping the city to implement the STAR (Sustainable Tools for Assessing and Rating) Communities system. Two students enrolled in Ohio State’s Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability (EEDS) undergraduate program, Harrison Morgenstern and Alexandra Kueller, fielded questions recently about this groundbreaking project.

OSU Researchers Working with Farmers to Protect Ohio Water Quality, Lessen Algal Blooms

With harmful algal bloom forecast to increase this summer in western Lake Erie, experts with the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences continue to work with farmers statewide to offer steps agriculture can take to continue to lessen the potential for runoff from farmlands. Farmers are concerned about nutrient loss, believing that it is likely to have a negative impact on water quality and profit potential, said Greg LaBarge, an OSU Extension field specialist and one of the leaders of the OSU Agronomic Crops Team. The team also includes scientists from the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center.

Ohio State Partnership Boosts Emphasis on Research in State

Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center is furthering initiatives for integration between regenerative medicine forces in Cleveland and Columbus. The partnership between the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Cell-Based Therapies at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine and the National Center for Regenerative Medicine will promote collaboration and expand both the research base and the educational and training programs in the region.

2013 Engagement Impact Grants Awarded

The Office of Outreach and Engagement Impact Grant program supports the application of innovative and creative scholarship to address important societal challenges and fulfills Ohio State’s land-grant university commitment to public service by partnering with communities to address challenges of local, national and global significance. This year, seven programs received Engagement Impact Grant funding totaling $300,000. These programs will promote health, wellness, and local community development, empower women to deliver healthy babies, inspire science education and the next generation of women engineers and scientists, and eliminate rabies in sub-Saharan Africa.

Patterson Lecture on Social Media

The James F. Patterson Land-Grant University Lecture series celebrates its 10th anniversary May 2 with a luncheon and awards ceremony and, for the first time, a forum featuring more than 80 outreach and engagement poster exhibits of ongoing Ohio State initiatives from local to international.

Institute for Japanese Studies Enhances Outreach

The Institute for Japanese Studies has received three years of funding — an anticipated $118,522 — from the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership. The funds were awarded to Richard Torrance, the institute’s director, and Janet Stucky, assistant director, for a project titled “Strengthening the Infrastructure to Produce Future Leaders through Educational Outreach, Career Development, and Development in the State of Ohio and the Midwest.” The grant will support cooperative activities in Ohio, the Midwest and Japan to enhance outreach to all levels of educational institutions and the community, as well as expand internship programs in the U.S. and Japan. The Institute for Japanese Studies, part of Ohio State’s East Asian Studies Center, works to promote education and research about Japan.

2013 Outreach and Engagement Recognition Awards Announced

The University Outreach and Engagement Recognition Awards program recognizes faculty, staff and students for outstanding achievement in partnership with Ohio State’s local, national and international community partners. Recipients include the Young Scholars Program (Distinguished Community Engagement Award and University Outreach and Engagement Award - Ohio State’s nomination for the C. Peter Magrath University Community Engagement Award), the U.S. – Indonesian Teacher Education Consortium (Distinguished International Engagement Award), and Universal Design and Farming with Arthritis (Distinguished Service-Learning Award).

Patterson’s Passions

James Patterson has many passions in life — among those are fruit farming, his family, community service, Ohio State and promoting the land-grant mission. That he is a farmer and a Buckeye is by heritage. He is the fifth of six generations of farmers at the Patterson Fruit Farm in Chesterland. His father graduated from Ohio State with an agriculture degree in 1932; his mother graduated in 1936, majoring in home economics. Patterson graduated in 1964 from the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. His wife Nancy and two sons also graduated from Ohio State.

Pay It Forward: Ohio State Students Are Big on Service

Ohio State students have a mantra: Pay it forward. They're passionate about service and committed to bettering their school, their city, and their world. Last year, students devoted more than one million hours of service to the community. From Community Commitment during Welcome Week to Buck-I-SERV trips during break, Ohio State offers plenty of opportunities for students to volunteer their time, year-round. See how a few students are changing the world — and in the process, themselves.

Patterson Lecture Series Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The James F. Patterson Land-Grant University Lecture series celebrates its 10th anniversary May 2 with a luncheon and awards ceremony and, for the first time, a forum featuring more than 80 outreach and engagement poster exhibits of ongoing Ohio State initiatives from local to international.

New Research Partnership Formed Between Ohio State and Brazil

A new research partnership signed Friday (3/22) between Ohio State and the Brazil state of São Paulo will build on existing collaborations and create a $1.4 million funding source to support research and innovation. The partnership will encourage researchers at Ohio State and any university in the state of São Paolo to collaborate on studies that can help citizens in both countries and people around the world. Caroline Whitacre, vice president for research, William Brustein, vice provost for global strategies and international affairs, and Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee were in São Paulo to sign the agreement with representatives of the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP).

Statewide Screening Initiative Has Life-Saving Potential

Ohio State's Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Institute has launched a statewide initiative to screen newly diagnosed colorectal cancer patients and their biological relatives for Lynch Syndrome, the most common form of inherited colorectal, ovarian and uterine cancer. The effort, made possible through money raised by Pelotonia, will identify family members who may be at risk of developing these cancers so they can take precautionary measures.

Ohio State Recognized for Work in Environmental and Ecological Economics

In a recent review analyzing the influence of articles, authors, journals and institutions in environmental and ecological economics, which was published in the journal Ecological Economics, Ohio State was cited as the eighth most influential institution in the world working in the field. Of particular importance, this ranking identified Ohio State as the second most influential academic institution, in the top ten with peer institutions such as the University of Maryland and the University of California at Berkeley. This same study ranked AEDE’s professor Elena Irwin as the 12th most influential author in the field, amongst a group of several hundred peers.

Ohio State Develops Clean Coal Technology

A team of Ohio State students worked around the clock for nine days straight recently, operating a scaled-down version of a power plant combustion system with a unique experimental design — one that chemically converts coal to heat while capturing 99 percent of the carbon dioxide produced in the reaction. This new technology, called coal-direct chemical looping, was pioneered by Liang-Shih Fan, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering and director of Ohio State's Clean Coal Research Laboratory.

Insider’s View: Program Pairs Students with Nonprofit Boards

Jenn Meyer, a junior in Public Affairs at Ohio State, never really thought about how the nonprofits she volunteered for functioned. She just wanted to give back to the community. That’s why she was thrilled when she found out OSU offered a program that installed third- and fourth-year students as non-voting members of participating Columbus nonprofit boards. It truly opened her eyes to the breadth and depth of the effort required to deliver community goodwill.

'Scientific American' Features Buckeye Bullet

Buckeyes interested in motorsports have likely heard of the world-record-breaking alternative fuel car known as the Buckeye Bullet. Now, the world-at-large will learn even more about the latest iteration of the car known as the Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3, thanks to an article that appears in the February 2013 print edition of 'Scientific American' magazine. Mechanical Engineering Professor Giorgio Rizzoni and several Ohio State students and alumni were interviewed for the article, which details the challenges that lie ahead as the team attempts to break the 400-mph barrier later this year.

Tri-Lateral Partnership Addresses African Food Security

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences is expanding the university's role in cultivating international relationships through the Office of International Programs in Agriculture by forming a three-way partnership designed to bring together university expertise at Ohio State, Punjab Agricultural University in India and Egerton University in Kenya. The U.S./India/Africa Tri-lateral University Partnership Program for Food Security will combine the strengths of PAU with Ohio State's expertise in agricultural capacity-building to address poverty and hunger issues in Kenya and throughout Africa.

Coal Plant Byproduct, if Spread on Farms, Could Fight Lake Erie Algae

An Ohio State University scientist says an abundant byproduct from coal-burning power plants, if spread on farmers' fields, could help control Lake Erie's harmful algal blooms. Warren Dick, a soil biochemist in the university's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, said applying fluidized gas desulfurization gypsum to crop fields can keep soluble phosphorus, the main nutrient feeding the algae, from getting washed from the soil by heavy rains, then running off into streams and rivers and eventually into the lake.

The Lost Boys of Sudan

Bol Aweng and Jok Dau were just children when their homeland of southern Sudan descended into chaos and violence. Hungry, half-naked, and hunted by both soldiers and wild animals, the two six-year-old boys trekked 1,500 miles on bare feet to the relative safety of a squalid refugee camp in Kenya. Now, the two are U.S. citizens and Ohio State alumni, living in Columbus and working with fellow Buckeyes to save Sudanese children's lives through the Buckeye Clinic they founded in their home village of Piol.

Sustainable Futures in Linden Village Initiative Collaborates with Residents

The idea of the Sustainable Futures for Linden Village initiative is to provide recommendations and generate visions on how to make the area more livable and how to create healthy neighborhoods. But the project leaders knew that in order to make a real impact, they would need significant input from residents. “If you don’t live there and aren’t there every day, you have no idea what is going on,” said Jesus J. Lara, an assistant professor in the Knowlton School of Architecture and one of the project leads. “So we needed to immerse in the community, talk to the residents and interact as much as possible and make the residents part of the process.”

Students Studying Abroad in Brazil

Over the summer, Destiny Jackson, a senior majoring in Sociology and Film Studies, took part in Ohio State’s Global Gateway Study Abroad program in Brazil. The program is open to students of any major who are interested in learning about the global significance of Brazil. Destiny received a grant from the Office of Outreach and Engagement to help fund her month-long experience abroad. During the trip she went to the cities of Sao Paulo and Araraquara in the southeast, and Salvador in the northeast of Brazil.

Engineering Students Work in Honduras on Annual Study Abroad Trip

Engineering students have been travelling to Honduras to visit the Montaña de Luz orphanage for children with HIV/AIDS every spring since 2005. Including this year’s journey, more than 100 students have taken part in the initiative, which has produced a broad range of projects, including water system improvements and a computer lab for the orphanage.

Faith Mission Outreach Eye Clinic Reaches Out to Community

Life can be scary when you can’t get the help you need because of your past. The pain of needing to explain yourself over and over again to different people is often worse than receiving a difficult diagnosis. Until she came to the Faith Mission Outreach Eye Clinic, that was exactly the case for a recent patient. She came to the clinic, which is run by Ohio State’s College of Optometry, with complaints of severe headaches as well as a recent weight gain and a “whooshing” sound in her ears. But because the patient was a past drug addict, the three emergency rooms she had visited all thought she was just seeking drugs for her habit.

Ohio State Expands Its Profile in Distance Education

To ensure that distance education is fully integrated with all other academic planning, the university has established the Office of Distance Education and eLearning and has named Associate Vice President Michael Hofherr to lead the effort. He will report to the executive vice president and provost. The new office will allow Ohio State to provide and support all forms of distance education and eLearning. This centrally supported infrastructure will help colleges, departments, and individual faculty members fully utilize new technologies to enhance student learning and expand the impact of Ohio State's unique programs.

A Little Boat with a Long Legacy

Stone Lab, Ohio State's island campus on Lake Erie, became the subject of international news when a small yellow boat launched from the lab 17 years ago was found on the beach at Point Pelee National Park in Ontario, Canada. "Paddle to the Sea" Boat Number 7 was launched during the research cruise students still take during Stone Lab field trips, and will continue to inspire curiosity about the Great Lakes as it travels towards the Atlantic.

Ohio Companies Hand Exporting Reins to Fisher Interns

In the first hour of his nine-week summer internship at Lebanon, Ohio-based Fecon Inc., a forest management heavy equipment manufacturer, Grant Mosher was ushered into a conference room to meet five Russian distributors who flew in that morning to tour the plant. Not 60 minutes later, Mosher was operating Fecon's FTX600 flagship mulching tractor that clears the way for pipelines and power lines. He knew then that his internship would be far from typical. The Export Internship Program is a partnership between Fisher College of Business and the Ohio Development Services Agency.

Weinland Park Collaborative Receives Casey Foundation Grant

New Position Intends to Create Strong Families, Strong Students

Strong families equate to strong students. Strong students tend to pursue a college degree and graduate. OSU Mansfield has hired Renee Thompson as a family engagement and outreach coordinator to put that notion into action, in what it believes is the first collaboration anywhere between a school district, university and community.

Global Healthcare: Ohio State Part of Coalition of Providers to Receive $5 Million Grant

A $5 million grant from Greif Packaging Charitable Trust will enable Ohio State and the Global Health Delivery Partnership to join forces in establishing a program to change healthcare training and delivery in developing nations. The GHDP is comprised of Brigham and Women's Hospital's Division of Global Health Equity, Harvard Medical School's Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, and Partners In Health. The program will bring care to some of the world's developing regions, by training local people to become qualified care providers — an innovation with the potential to permanently improve health conditions in these regions.

Ohio Sea Grant & Nature Conservancy Partnership

Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Lab are taking part in a restoration project led by The Nature Conservancy. The project will re-establish wildlife habitat in agricultural areas between Toledo and Sandusky, and Sea Grant and Stone Lab staff members are conducting a fish survey to determine what species will likely be present in a future wetland on the Toussaint River.

First-Of-Its-Kind Wastewater Treatment System Saves Turkey Processor Millions, Protects Environment

A southwestern Ohio turkey processing plant, Whitewater Processing Co., slaughters and processes 6,000 to 8,000 turkeys on a normal day, producing 2.5 to 3 million pounds of turkey in an average month. The Kopp family has run the business since the 1930s. But in the 1990s, environmental concerns about the 145,000 gallons of wastewater it produces each day nearly sunk the business. Today, with a first-of-its-kind treatment system designed by an Ohio State University researcher, the rough waters have calmed.

Brain Pacemakers Used to Treat Alzheimer's Disease

An FDA-approved study at Ohio State will determine if using a brain pacemaker can improve cognitive and behavioral functioning in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Ohio State recently performed its first procedure – and the first in the United States – and will be enrolling up to 10 patients into the study. The study employs the use of deep brain stimulation, the same technology used to successfully treat more than 100,000 patients worldwide with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Douglas Scharre, neurologist and director of the division of cognitive neurology, and Ali Rezai, neurosurgeon and director of the neuroscience program, both at Wexner Medical Center, are conducting the study.

Ohio State Forms Town and Gown Committee for the Arts

The College of Arts and Sciences is establishing a Town and Gown Advisory Committee for the Arts, Joseph Steinmetz, executive dean and vice provost announced on Friday (11/9) at a meeting of the National Council of Arts Administrators conference in Columbus, where he introduced the 24 arts and community leaders who will serve on the advisory council. The committee will serve as a forum for collaboration between arts leaders in the city and at the university on mutually relevant issues and shared opportunities.

Ohio State Young Scholars Program Marks 25 Years

Ohio State is celebrating 25 years of its Young Scholars Program, a program designed to provide enriching college experiences to elementary and high schools students, encouraging them to pursue a college degree. On Friday (10/26), more than 90 high school students from across Ohio were invited to campus in celebration of the anniversary. YSP is administered by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and has prepared nearly 3,000 Ohio youth for college success. YSP annually identifies and prepares hundreds of academically talented first generation college students from economically challenged backgrounds

Nisonger Center Receives $2.5 Million Grant

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded a $2.5 million, five-year grant to the Wexner Medical Center's Nisonger Center to refine and test a web-based curriculum called EnvisionIT for students with disabilities in high-risk urban, suburban and rural schools. This online high school curriculum teaches students skills in three core competency areas: information technology literacy, transition planning and reading. Margo Vreeburg Izzo, associate director of the Nisonger Center, will serve as project director.

Ohio Third Frontier Approves Funding for Innovation Gateway

The Ohio Third Frontier Commission has recommended $7.7 million to fully fund the Central Ohio Entrepreneurial Signature Program for the years 2013-2014. This award, when matched by Central Ohio partners including Battelle, Nationwide Children's Hospital, OhioHealth, Ohio State and others, represents a $15.4 million investment in the continued growth of the region's innovation economy. The program includes funding for a new collaboration between Ohio State and TechColumbus known as the Innovation Gateway, dedicated to helping launch high-growth startups based on Ohio State research and technology platforms.

Unbeatable Students Create UnBeetable Burger

Apparently, it's hard to beat a burger made of beets. On Oct. 1, the "UnBeetable Burger" with a soft gourmet pretzel bun won the Student Product Development Competition of AACC International, a professional association specializing in cereal grain science. The product was created by a team of Ohio State students in the Department of Food Science and Technology. The UnBeetable Burger also took third place earlier this year in the Institute of Food Technologists Student Association and Mars Product Development Competition. The department encourages students to participate in product development competitions; associate professors Luis Rodriguez-Saona and Monica Giusti act as advisers for such teams.

Young Scholars Keep Eye on College Prize

It was just paperwork 21 years ago. Take it home, have your parents fill it out and bring it back to school when it’s completed. Percy Lipsey and Keisha Hunley-Jenkins were in middle school in 1991, and the signing thing had become a ritual. They didn’t realize until later that this paperwork was like no other. What their mothers signed was a promise that Ohio State would ensure their children an opportunity to be the first in their families to earn a college degree. In return, as new members of the Young Scholars Program, Lipsey and Hunley-Jenkins agreed to keep up their already excellent grades and attend weekly and summer learning enrichment sessions with their fellow scholars.

OSU Students Bring Creativity, Technology and Outreach Together

As part of the Ghana Sustainable Change program, Charisma Acey and Jamie Greene led a group of Ohio State students to Ghana to participate in a collaboration between OSU City and Regional Planning, the Department of Planning at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and the Offinso North District in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Ohio State students implemented a collection of projects from solar panel installation (shown here) to iPad data collection to support resource allocation and long-term planning in the community. The OSU team received a 2012 BETHA grant, which enabled students to collaborate with the district in the design of sustainable development solutions tied to local priorities for development, combining creativity, technology and outreach in one project.

Students Create medFIT to Promote Healthy Living

Students at Ohio State's College of Medicine have created medFIT, a collaboration with the College of Medicine Wellness Team that provides fitness training, nutrition advice and health education specifically for medical students. Students Rajiv Mallipudi and Juliette Yedimenko have experienced some of the major challenges that medical students face in school: maintaining proper health and wellness while dealing with stress, sleep deprivation, poor diet and lack of exercise that comes along with endless nights of studying, exams and hospital rounding. Their hope is that the organization will provide inspiration for medical students to take up new healthy lifestyle changes.

'But for Ohio State' is Road Map from Excellence to Eminence

Cures for the world's most devastating diseases. Safe and plentiful food. Sustainable energy. Ohio State's goals are monumental. But for Ohio State — the university's $2.5 billion fundraising campaign — is the roadmap to take us from excellence to eminence. "My wish is for this great university to reach beyond our already high attainment and become the country's most vibrant, most engaged, most forward-thinking public institution," says President Gee. The campaign, which the university kicks off this week, is a call to Buckeyes to help move forward the world-class academic programs, students and scholars, and research that will change the world, while creating opportunities for Ohioans.

Ohio State to Power Campus with Wind Energy from Ohio Wind Farm

Ohio State on Sunday (9/30) announced it has signed a letter of intent with Iberdrola Renewables to purchase 50 megawatts (MW) of wind energy capacity from the Blue Creek Wind Farm, located in Van Wert and Paulding counties in Ohio. The purchase of clean, renewable wind energy capacity equates to approximately 25 percent of the entire Columbus campus electricity load, and is one of the single largest purchases of actual renewable energy by any university in the country.

Freshman's Bright Idea Sparks Conservation Effort

As a freshman business major in 2010, Alec Janda shared his vision with Aparna Dial, director of Ohio State’s Energy Services and Sustainability — he wanted to see Ohio State install a rainwater catchment system to do one of two things (or both): Mitigate storm water runoff and create a potable supply of fresh water for reuse by plants and people. Janda, now a junior, received the university's blessings and support (he applied for and secured a grant from the President and Provost’s Council on Sustainability in early 2011) and also found a small local company, Rain Brothers, which could install a rain catchment system. Sensors measure the amount of water collected and will be used as data to further a new water conservation effort on campus.

Ohio State Leads Project to Develop 'Science DMZ' on Internet

A $1 million federal grant will fund the construction of a unique computer network devoted to helping scientists collaborate over the Internet with minimal interference from security measures. Headquartered at Ohio State, the two-year project is charged with creating a safe and resilient network architecture dubbed the "Science DMZ." Caroline Whitacre, vice president for research at Ohio State, is principal investigator of the project.

Ohio State Creates Food-Production System for Future NASA Missions

A team of Ohio State researchers and students are helping NASA figure out the best way to grow food aboard space exploration units. The team, from the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, designed and built a food-production system for NASA's Deep Space Habitat — a space module with living quarters, workspaces and laboratories that is expected to enable human exploration in faraway environments.

President Gee's State of Ohio Tour 2012

Each year, energized by the mutual love affair between Ohioans and their land-grant university, President Gee spreads some Buckeye spirit throughout Ohio as part of his annual summer tour project. The 41 stops on this year's tour had three common threads: economic development, agriculture and food safety, and health and wellness.

OSU Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Promotes Healthy Worksites

Employers increasingly offer worksite wellness programs to employees, for good reason: A 2010 analysis in Health Affairs showed a decrease of $3.27 in medical expenses and $2.73 saved in absenteeism costs for every dollar invested in such programs. OSU Extension’s Family and Consumer Sciences educators give these efforts a much-needed shot in the arm by offering programs across Ohio to help residents manage their money, balance life and work, and stay healthy.

Clark to Help Alleviate Food deserts as Part of $3.96 Million Project

Jill Clark, assistant professor, John Glenn School of Public Affairs, will take part in a $3.96 million project that aims to enhance food security by reconnecting farmers with consumers living in food deserts of the United States. The grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, will allow Clark along with primary-investigator Samina Raja, University at Buffalo, State University Of New York and co-investigators Julia Freedgood, American Farmland Trust and Kimberley Hodgson of Cultivating Healthy Places to create and provide policy tools and training to help local governments alleviate food deserts. Clark will receive more than $270,000 for her part of the project.

Ohio State Collaborates on Medieval Archaeology Field School

Ohio State and the University of Pisa, Italy have entered into an agreement to operate the Field School in Medieval Archaeology and Bioarchaeology at Badia Pozzeveri, the leading field school in bioarchaeology internationally, one especially engaging students in the excavation of human remains (shown here) and in the wider context of archaeology and history. The partnership provides students a rare opportunity to learn all aspects of a bioarchaeological project by working side-by-side with international experts in the disciplines.

Ohio State, Cleveland Clinic Form Alliance to Focus on Accelerated Commercialization

Cleveland Clinic Innovations and Ohio State's Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer Office have entered into an alliance to accelerate and commercialize medical innovations. This collaborative effort, which creates the largest medical commercialization network in Ohio, is focused on improving and extending the lives of patients, and will have a positive impact on the State of Ohio through job creation and economic development.

LiFE Sports — It's All in the Name

Connecting a program's name with anything related to Ohio State football is a sure-fire way to attract attention to that program. At least, that's what the Department of Athletics was aiming for when it chose to promote its own LiFE Sports (Learning in Fitness and Education) program with the upcoming spring football game. LiFE Sports is more than just a sports camp for at-reach youth: It's a vehicle for outreach, new research and student involvement, and Athletics is committed to turning it into a national model.

Ohio State’s Second Global Gateway Opens in India

Ohio State in March opened up its latest international Gateway in India — to bring more meaning to what it hopes will be a successful relationship on many levels. The India Gateway, similar to the one Ohio State opened in China, builds upon already-established connections.

Valerie Lee Tapped to Head Ohio State's Outreach and Engagement Efforts

Valerie Lee, the university’s vice provost for Diversity and Inclusion and chief diversity officer, has accepted the additional role of vice president for Outreach & Engagement. “Dr. Lee is absolutely the ideal person to help this university broaden its land-grant mission to improve lives and enrich communities. In assuming this new role, she will extend and build upon the crucial work begun by Joyce Beatty,” President E. Gordon Gee said.

BuckeyeThon Cements Its Place as Iconic Ohio State Event

BuckeyeThon, the largest student philanthropy at Ohio State, was the Children's Miracle Network Dance-a-thon of the Year last year, when it doubled its fundraising total from the previous year's event. So what did it do for an encore? Thanks to a few tweaks in the format, the fundraising total for this year's event doubled once again, this time to nearly a half-million dollars.

OSU STAR House Helps Homeless Youth in Columbus

Operating since 2006 as part of a research grant obtained by professor Natasha Slesnick in OSU's College of Education and Human Ecology, the OSU STAR House helps homeless youth (ages 18-24) find stability and success in re-entering mainstream society. Even though its grant funding ran out in June, Slesnick and her staff have kept things going through donations and creative community support, and served more than 320 youth last year.

New Research to Examine Connections Between Land Use, Public Policy, Lake Erie Water Quality and Climate Change

A new research project at Ohio State University integrates biological, physical and social sciences to develop a complete picture of what drives decision-making processes and environmental conditions in the Maumee River watershed. The four-year, $1.5 million project, funded by the National Science Foundation, will combine decision-making models with hydrological modeling and future climate change scenarios to examine how people's actions in the watershed affect water quality in Lake Erie.

Ohio State Earns Place on Peace Corps' Annual Top Colleges Rankings

Ohio State again has placed on the Peace Corps' top 25 list of large universities nationwide producing Peace Corps volunteers. The university is No. 13 with 71 alumni currently serving as Peace Corps volunteers, three more than last year. Since Peace Corps was founded in 1961, 1,613 Ohio State alumni have served in Peace Corps, making it the No. 10 all-time producer of Peace Corps volunteers.

OSU Programs Give Area Neighborhoods a Lift

FOD employee Debra Sampson "never in all the years" of her life thought she'd be able to afford a home of her own. But thanks to Habitat for Humanity and a benefit available to OSU employees, Sampson will soon move into a brand new home in the Weinland Park neighborhood early this month.

Engagement is:

The collaboration between institutions of higher education and their larger communities (local, regional/state, national, global) for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.

- Carnegie Foundation (2008)

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