2015 Carnegie Classification

2015 Carnegie Classification

January 2015

In April 2014, Ohio State participated in the process to become reclassified as an "Engaged University" through the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. I am excited to share that our application for re-classification was successful. Ohio State received its initial classification in 2008, and this time we applied for re-classification by addressing specific questions set forth by the Carnegie Foundation.

You will see in this document that Ohio State's commitment to our communities runs vertically and horizontally throughout our university. Senior leadership, faculty, staff and students from all of our colleges and units are invested in partnering with our communities. Indeed, we as a university would not be able to function to our fullest potential without the support and collaboration of our community partners.

During my time as president, I have already seen first-hand how our engagement efforts make important impacts both to our community partners and to our university. Just one shining example is our university's Young Scholars Program, which won the C. Peter Magrath University Community Engagement Award in 2013.

Ohio State has four institution-wide goals that are fundamental to our mission and future success. Outreach and Engagement stands prominently as one of those goals, alongside Teaching and Learning, Research and Innovation, and Resource Stewardship. Every college and unit at Ohio State has completed a strategic plan that included priorities for outreach and engagement.

Engagement is also institutionalized for sustainability at Ohio State through our central Office of Outreach and Engagement, led by Vice President Valerie Lee; our Extension programs in all of Ohio's 88 counties; and the many focused outreach and engagement subunits within our colleges, units and regional campuses.

As a land-grant university, it is Ohio State's duty and honor to ensure our teaching, research and service are relevant and useful to the citizens of Ohio. Community engagement has never been more important to our society as we work together for the betterment of our state, nation and world. I would like to thank the faculty, staff, students and community partners who collaborate every day to make that engagement happen.

Michael V. Drake, President

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