Schweitzer Fellows Tell Their Stories

As part of the Columbus-Athens Schweitzer Fellows Program, 14 professional and graduate students from Ohio State and three from Ohio University facilitated projects to engage the Columbus and Athens communities. The projects addressed a variety of health-related topics including nutrition and wellness needs, obesity related sickness, youth homelessness and many more. Watch videos from each fellow as they tell the stories of their projects.

Veronica Kennedy and Allison Noss

Ohio State University - School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

Veronica and Allison addressed youth homelessness in Columbus with the Real Application Mentorship Program (RAMP), in which they provided life skills and professionalism training to help youths successfully transition to adulthood and independent living. They provided interventions tailored to the individual needs of youth by offering education and training ranging from meal preparation and budget maintenance to mock interviews and literacy training.

Sarah Kidd

Ohio State University - School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

Sarah addressed the physical and social health deficits in the overall well-being of the elderly in Columbus. She partnered with First Community Village, a nursing home, teaching dance and movement classes as social and exercise outlets.

Ahran Koo

Ohio State University - College of Arts & Sciences

Ahran increased the cultural understanding of Korean-American elementary school students by working with them to create a visual storybook and a yearbook that reflected the students' thoughts, emotions and experiences in a multicultural setting. Ahran taught Korean language, culture, and art classes that encourage students to think about and express their social and cultural identity in a visual form.

Nathaniel Kralik

Ohio University - Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Nathaniel addressed transgender health disparities by conducting health and wellness webinars relevant to transgender individuals and their families in Central Ohio. He developed a sustainable, interactive and feedback-oriented curriculum to meet gaps in health knowledge and outcomes for the local transgender community.

Andrea Lee and Godsfavour Umoru

Ohio State University - College of Pharmacy

Andrea and Godsfavour addressed the health of patients in downtown Columbus who have serious and persistent mental illnesses. They aimed to improve the use of medications for these patients' psychiatric and medical needs, and reduce/prevent the occurrence of harmful drug events.

LaKeesha Leonard

Ohio State University - College of Education & Human Ecology

LaKeesha addressed the disproportionate rate of obesity-related sickness and death among African American women through a program that will equip and empower African American women to improve their nutritional habits and engage in regular physical activity.

Sarah Levitt

Ohio State University - College of Arts & Sciences

Sarah addressed the health and wellness of senior citizens in Columbus by creating a dance program for older adults incorporating a variety of movement styles, including hip-hop and social dance. Sarah also taught participants methods to create their own dances, promoting physical activity as well as artistic expression.

Chang Liu

Ohio State University - College of Social Work

Chang addressed the physical, mental, and social health of Asian female human trafficking victims in Columbus by providing art psychotherapies, self-care education, social integration, and cultural adaptation services for this community.

Emily Loosli

Ohio University - Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Emily addressed personal hygiene, puberty, wellness, and nutrition in children and adolescents in Athens, Ohio through a series of workshops run in conjunction with an existing youth group at her community site.

Erin McCloskey

Ohio University - Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education

Erin addressed the impact of trauma on women and children in Southeastern Ohio through a series of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation classes for individuals residing in a local domestic violence shelter. The classes assisted participants in healing and connecting with one another and provided them with techniques to improve their overall well-being.

Jacqueline Mostow and Brynne Presser

Ohio State University - College of Medicine and College of Public Health

Jacqueline and Brynne addressed teen health literacy in the South Side of Columbus by facilitating weekly workshops and producing health-related radio segments for Youth Beat Radio.

Meghan O'Brien

Ohio State University - College of Public Health

Meghan addressed the nutrition and wellness needs of underserved residents of Columbus' historic Franklinton neighborhood. Using the MyPlate dietary guidelines as a framework for her program, Meghan held weekly nutrition education and cooking classes that focused on creating simple, healthful meals featuring food pantry staples.

Margaret Rusnak and Kimberly Zwissler

Ohio State University - School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

Margaret and Kimberly worked to improve overall health among men with severe and persistent mental illness who are transitioning to independent living in Columbus. They created a vegetable garden with residents at their community site, provided them with opportunities for exercise and good nutrition and assisted them in developing skills necessary for employment and independent living.

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